What makes a farm work?

What makes a farm work?

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What makes a farm work? 


Uses simple explanations and drawings to lead young readers on a fascinating journey of exploration inside today’s modern farm machinery.

What does a combine harvester look like inside? How is straw turned into huge bales? How does the farmer milk lots of cows at the same time with only two hands? How do huge maize plants get chopped up into tiny pieces?
Children have lots of questions about how things work on a farm and the machines that they see. This beautifully illustrated book provides a lot of the answers. Coloured pictures realistically painted, let children look inside the farm machines. Short, easy to understand texts explain what goes on at the farm. Suitable for younger children to look at with lots of things to spot and for older children to read alone.

Hardback book, A4, 39 pages.

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