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The World Encyclopedia of Amphibious Warfare Vessels

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The World Encyclopedia of Amphibious Warfare Vessels

Book Title: The World Encyclopedia of Amphibious Warfare Vessels
Author: Bernard Ireland
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Lorenz Books
Language: English

This book illustrates the differences between raids with specific objectives (such as Bruneval), incursions to hold territory for a limited period (Dieppe or St. Nazaire), island assaults (Saipan or Iwo Jima) and major invasions (Normandy or North Africa). It includes a directory of landing ships, with a historical review detailing conventional personnel and cargo carriers, leading to the modern multifunction ship. Specification boxes provide at-a-glance information about each vessel's country of origin, displacement, dimensions, armament, machinery, power and endurance. This authoritative book sketches the historical development of amphibious warfare, using real examples to illustrate the great range of scale, from raiding to full-scale invasion, with historical examples. It highlights the many coordinated activities necessary for a successful operation, from surveying and minesweeping to fire support, fighter direction and tri-service control. An illustrated directory of landing ships covers ocean-going vessels and includes today's most dominant amphibious vessels. The final part of the book also includes a directory of landing craft. This instructive volume containing 530 photographs will provide enthusiasts and historians with a lively and engaging guide to a fascinating subject.

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