Henry V Silver Groat

Henry V Silver Groat

Rulers of Britain Coin Collection
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Rulers of Britain Coin Collection

Henry V 5 Groat

This beautiful Henry V groat have been lovingly reproduced and hand-finished to the original design to look as authentic as possible.

This coin features a mullet privy mark to distinguish it from groats minted during his father's reign. Worth four pence, a groat is said to be what archers were paid per day in Henry V's army.

Made of silver, Henry V's groats didn't weigh as much as those minted decades before. There are three different portrait designs found on Henry V groats; they are given the nicknames 'emaciated bust', 'scowling bust' and 'frowning bust'.

The coin we have faithfully reproduced is one depicting a 'frowning bust' with the mullet on the right shoulder and comes attached to an information card in a protective plastic wallet.

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