The Mini Miscellany Book

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The Mini Miscellany Book

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The Mini Miscellany

Fifty years of facts, figures, stories and oddities featuring the world's greatest little car

Editor - Geoff Tibballs

There is no greater British icon from the 'Swinging Sixties' than the marvelous Mini. All of the most famous faces of the decade, from the Beatles (all of whom owned at least one Mini) and Twiggy to Steve McQueen and various members of the Royal family owned a Mini. The Mini, in fact, became a firm favorite in society circles when the Queen was photographed driving one. Sixties icon it may have been, but the Mini was, in fact, born in the Fifties. The car was officially launched in August 1959 and cost just GBP 497, making this innovative design the cheapest new car you could buy. In no time at all it was proving its worth on the race track, winning its class at Snetterton the first time it was entered in competition. In 1964, it won the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally, the first of three such wins, beating off determined competition from Renault, Citroen and even the illustrious Mercedes and Porsche! It was, however, as a practical, economical road car that the Mini really made its mark and it is the legions of fans who have driven and owned the car over the years who will love the tidbits of information and nostalgic stories that are packed into this book as tightly as the 21 Malaysian students who squeezed themselves into a Mini to claim the world record in 2006!

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