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Motoring Icons Mazda MX-5

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Motoring Icons: The Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 is a genuine modern motoring icon. With meticulous focus and a steadfast refusal to compromise, Mazda developed a genuinely world-beating sports car. Whether it was a Miata (as it was in the States) or a Eunos (as it was in Japan) the MX-5 as we know it in the UK was a hit from day one. This book brings together some of the articles previously published in editions of Classic Car Buyer and Classic Car Mart. It includes a project restoration of a rather tatty Mk1, as well as practical hints and tips on buying and maintaining an example. In addition, we pitch the MX-5 against some of its key rivals of the time, including an MGF, Honda S2000, Alfa Romeo Spider and the classic Elan. What becomes apparent when leafing through all these features is just how dominant the MX-5 is. Its development brief was clear and the product that resulted has stood the test of time and justifiably earned its status a proper classic sports car.

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