Car Mechanics on Ford Escort Mechanics

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Car Mechanics on Ford Escort Mechanics

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Car Mechanics on Ford Escort Mechanics

Whether you own a 1.3 Popular, or an XR3i or any of the myriad of models in between, the pages that follow are packed with useful, relevant, and well-presented information that will help you save money and keep your car on the road.

MK IV ESCORT Covers: Buying Guide, Service, Replacing Wheel Bearings, Cambelt, Trim, Valve Stem Oil Seals, Renewing a Doorskin, Repairing Stone Chips, Rust proofing, Electrical Fault Finding, Changing Shock Absorbers, Transmission Overhaul.

MK III ESCORT Covers: Chassis Tuning, Uprating Brakes, Engine Modification, Service.
GENERAL Covers: Battery Tray Replacement, CVH Cylinder Head Overhaul, Valve Guide Seals, 1.8 Diesel reconditioning, Overhauling Variable Venturi and Weber Carbs & Bosch Alternator.

Publisher Code: 1873098383
ISBN 10: 1873098383
Dimensions: 210x295mm
Pages: 98
Illustrations: Soft Bound, b/w

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