Tractor Mechanics

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Tractor Mechanics

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Tractor Mechanics

Tractor Mechanics

Whether you are a farmer, contractor or an enthusiast, a regular service policy goes a long way to getting the best performance out of your tractors and machinery. However, even with regular servicing, there are occasions where your machinery will let you down at the most critical time.

At times such as this, it is not always convenient or possible to utilise the services of an agricultural engineer to rectify faults. Another factor is the cost of engaging somebody to affect repairs to your machinery. With labour costs escalating, it is good to be able to undertake your own servicing and repairs, which will keep your running costs down and also give you the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Tractor Mechanics has been created with this in mind and covers a wealth of tractor and machinery-related topics, some of which are routine servicing and other features cover unforeseen problems and provide tips and advice on how they were overcome.

Modern tractors feature some sophisticated electrical systems and these rely upon the battery to provide the power. Quite often the battery is neglected until it reaches the point of failure and the only recourse is replacement.

One of the opening topics in this book advises on the construction and proper maintenance of batteries and, together with details of intelligent battery chargers, should assist operators in prolonging the lives of their batteries, which are another commodity rapidly increasing in cost.

Another hot topic these days is fuel and recent changes in the specification have brought fresh problems for users. Safe and secure fuel storage is discussed with advice on up-to-date storage systems.

Corrosion is another ongoing problem for users of agricultural machinery and a section devoted to corrosion removal and prevention is included, with some efficient products highlighted to prolong machinery life.

Of course, many of the breakdowns encountered with tractors and machinery are mechanical and the book includes a wide range of repairs – from oil seal replacement to the rebuilding of turbochargers, together with top tips on coping with sheared bolts and studs, gasket making and how to test your alternator and starter motor.

For the more adventurous there is a feature on a home-built tractor, which has successfully worked on an arable farm for many years and evolved into an effi cient workhorse for the owner.

If you have an interest in tractors and related machinery there will be something here for you. I hope you enjoy reading it and find it informative.

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