Avoiding Injury

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Avoiding Injury

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Avoiding Injury

Advice from some of the best physiologists, runners and injury prevention experts to help you get the most out of your running - you'll find this book of great use to your running 'career'!

Includes the following articles:
Stretching, It's never too late to start stretching, Protect and Strengthen your ankles, Power clean - Introduction, Pregnancy and running
Running after pregnancy, Avoid injury, run faster, Health & Fitness treatments
The exercise of 10,000 Breaths - Pilates
Improve your chances
How to avoid overtraining
Swai massage
Everything you need to know about heart rate monitors
Core Strengthening
Avoiding Injuries
Pt1 The body in action
Pt2 The Cardio-Vascular System
Pt3 Lactic acid…the truth
Pt4 Nutrition myths explored
Pt5 The Achilles Tendon
Pt6 The foot
Pt7 The ankle
Pt8 The knee
Pt9 Hips & Pelvis
Pt10 The back
Pt11 Strains & Sprains
Pt12 Stress fractures
Pt13 Prevention of Injury
Pt14 Fitness Assessment
Pt15 Climate control
Pt16 Calf Injury and how to avoid it
Pt17 Preventative Exercises
Pt18 Mood & Performance
Pt19 Hydration
Pt20 Supplements
Health Q&A's
Run safely in the sun
Beat Hay fever this summer
How to make sure you get proper sports injury treatment

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