Practical Smallholder Series: Anyone can be a Smallholder

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Practical Smallholder Series: Anyone can be a Smallholder

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Practical Smallholder Series: Anyone can be a Smallholder

Paperback: 100 pages
ISBN-10: 1907426868
ISBN-13: 978-1907426865
Publisher: Kelsey Publishing Group (2013)

Whether you have a patio or a paddock, 'Anyone can be a Smallholder'!

A new book from Kelsey Publications and written by long-term smallholder Liz Wright, believes that smallholding in some form is open to each and everyone whether they be flat dwellers or small farmers. In this packed full of information, 100 page hand book advice and inspiration will help you to get started and to make the most of what you have to hand.

As Liz says, “plants cannot tell the difference between a greenhouse and a windowsill – as long as they have food and nutrients they are happy”. But if you have moved to the country or have some spare land then the sections on growing great grassland, making your own hay and setting up a traditional orchard will appeal. A full range of livestock is covered in the book from a practical point of view – caring for and choosing chicken breeds, ducks, geese and turkeys plus pig keeping, small flock sheep, goats for milk and fibre, cattle, rare breeds, horses, donkeys and camelids. A basic guide to bee keeping is also included plus advice on foraging food for free. Adding value to food such as making your own chutneys and jams is also on offer.

Marketing your surplus produces is covered as are organic and permaculture options. There is a straightforward guide on how to register as an agricultural holding – whether a smallholding or a small farm. This is a book for reference and for inspiration – to do more with what's available to you whether it is a rural smallholding or to become part of a city farm.

It's a book for the twenty first century that is firmly rooted in our smallholding past. About the author Liz Wright has written eight books on smallholding and poultry keeping including Self Sufficiency – A Practical Guide for Modern Living published by Gaia in 2010. She is also the Editor of Practical Sheep, Goats and Alpacas. Liz has lived on her own smallholding for over 25 years and in that time has kept all smallholding animals but currently concentrates on poultry, ponies and bee keeping plus she enjoys gardening. Herbs are one of her favourite crops. Her partner makes hay using elderly tractors and implements and restores old machinery. Cooking and preserving are another of Liz's interests. She is also beginning spinning through her local smallholder club's course. She's a great supporter of the City Farm and Garden movement and regularly judges at their annual show.

“ I strongly believe that in the future everyone is going to need to have the skills to produce at least some of their food either on their own land of whatever size or as part of the community.” says Liz.

Kelsey Publishing also produces the monthly smallholding magazines Practical Poultry and Grow it! and the quarterlies Practical Pigs and Practical Sheep, Goats & Alpacas.

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