Road Haulage Archive #6 - Fairground

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Road Haulage Archive #6 - Fairground

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Road Haulage Archive

Issue #6 - Fairground

All the fun of the Fair 

Fairground vehicles seem to hold a special place in the hearts of many lorry enthusiasts. In part this is because they’re invariably secondhand (to put it mildly..) and have already had first lives within the haulage industry. Then there are the conversions that are undertaken for the role on the ‘tober’; who can possibly resist the sight and sound of a Gardner-powered generator?  Finally of course, there’s the fact that having their working lives extended by fairground use is often the key factor in a lorry making it into preservation. 

Most of the photos in this publication have come from the collection of the late S. W. ‘Steve’ Stevens-Stratton, founding Editor of Vintage Roadscene and a particular fan of fairground vehicles. Most appear to have been taken in the sixties, seventies and eighties, but of course the vehicles featured are much older than this. All aspects and all types of fairground vehicle are covered, and the captions are comprehensive and extremely informative. It’s also interesting to see, before they were restored, several lorries that today are fairly well-known on the preservation scene.  

Another super ‘nostalgiafest’ that we have no hesitation in recommending.

Review by Peter Simpson, Classic & Vintage Commercials Magazine Editor

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