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Mini Reborn Supplement

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Modern Mini Presents...

MINI Reborn

Celebrating 20 years since the Isigonis icon was re-imagined

32 Page 200mmx275mm Supplement

RRP £2 - postage and packaging is free to UK addresses (click above to see overseas prices)

In 1997, BMW, the owners of the MINI brand, unveiled a striking concept car, offering a vision as to how a new Mini for the 21st century may look. With only a few changes, this concept became a reality in 2001, replacing the 1959 Issigonis original. Since then over 3 million have found homes around the world. Produced by the team behind Mini magazine, MINI Reborn is a special tribute to that R50 original 'modern MINI'. It outlines how the car came into being, offers essential advice to buying one, highlights some fabulous modified examples as well as takes an exciting road trip to the Nurburgring in a £500 example...what could possibly go wrong! MINI Reborn is souvenir guide to a modern day icon - an essential read for any Mini enthusiast.

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