Meghan & Harry - A Modern Royal Romance

Meghan & Harry - A Modern Royal Romance

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Meghan & Harry - A Modern Royal Romance

All the Stars were aligned  

Read how Harry and Meghan first met; the mysterious mutual friend who brought them together, Meghan’s gradual introduction into Prince Harry’s world, the romantic interludes, getting to know each other and Meghan’s introduction to the Royal Family. 


The People’s Prince: 

The man behind the Prince, Harry’s life at school, in the army and the huge range of charitable works he has taken on. You’ll also be to read about the huge influence of his mother, how public duty and responsibility is now taking over from the playboy’s life and how his forthcoming marriage will be the next step to become, truly the people’s prince.  


The Markle Sparkle: 

Discover the progress of Meghan from her childhood in LA to her future as the consort to third in line to the throne. Read of her early childhood, her friends, family and career and how she is coping and excelling  in her new life and what she and Prince Harry can look forward to in the future. 


The Perfect Team: 

How will Harry and Meghan work together within the Royal Family. What will their duties be, how much time will they have for each other? Is a family part of the plan? 

Making Headlines:   

We examine the progress of the Royal romance, from the first meeting through to discreet assignations away from the world’s press, to the their appearance at the Invicta Games and THAT interview for the world. 


A Fairytale Castle: 

Join us for a tour of the castle that will be the venue for the Royal wedding and discover the pomp and ceremony that will be part of the event.  See St George’s Chapel and read of other members of The Royal Family who have married there. We also look at the options for their new home. 


The Radiant Bride: 

How will Meghan look on the Big Day. We consult experts on The Dress and who will be designing it, her make-up , who will be the bridesmaids, matron of honour and who will be giving her away. 


Modern Royals: 

The Royal Family is changing as Her Majesty the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh start to step aside to allow younger members of the Royal Family to take on more duties and responsibilities. How will this reflect on Meghan and Prince Harry as they start their life together and how they will work with Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge to continue the legacy of the Royal family into the 21st century?  

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