Tractor & Farming Heritage | May 2015

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - May 2015

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3 Welcome

18 News

All the latest news in the world of
tractors and heritage.

20 Graham’s Grumbles
Graham Hampstead is all for preserving
wildlife – but there’s a limit!

24 Tractor Talk
Your news, views and comments about
the vintage and classic scene.

74 For your own safety
We look at tractor safety, and hear the
story of a young man whose life was
changed forever in an accident that
could easily have been avoided.

80 Making the sparks fly
Graham Hampstead remembers why he
stopped working on small engines, like
the one in his Barford Atom, as anything
and everything is suspect.

106 Next Month
Preview of the June issue of your Tractor
& Farming Heritage magazine.

138 Last Word
Farmer Brown has cleared some space in
the tractor shed and now he’s off in
search of the American dream (tractor).


6 Internationals at work

For some of the jobs around the farm we
find there is still a place for the vintage
and classic workhorses.

12 FoFH at 21
It was 21 years ago in the spring of
1994 a group of enthusiasts got
together to form the Friends of
Ferguson Heritage – and the club
hasn’t looked back since.

28 Let’s get ready to rally
Dave Taylor tells us how he turned these
two Dutras from junkyard fodder to
working machines at his local rally – in
just two weeks!

31 The Marathon Men
Report on the 24-hour ploughing
marathon to help raise funds for the
Society of Ploughmen, which is hosting
the 2016 World Ploughing

32 Little brother,big brother!
After reader Jeff Price bought himself a
Power Major, he decided to follow a
theme so a Fordson Dexta came next.

36 Tracking down the rare Highlander
It is thought that only two such
conversions of the Leyland 154 were
produced and this may well be the only
surviving example of a tractor intended
for forestry work.


42 ‘Old Abe’

Stuart Gibbard unravels the complicated
legacy of Case IH and its J I Case
constituents, which can seem confusing
to the uninitiated.

48 Malvern marches on
We report on the Tractor World show,
which heralds the start of the show
season and attracts exhibitors and
visitors from afar.

52 Turning the tide
The appearance of a brand new MF 3080
on a large farm in Suffolk in the autumn
of 1990 saw the otherwise all blue Ford
fleet change forever!

58 1952: The state of the nation
A snapshot through the eyes of the
Massey-Harris Farmers Annual as
Britain’s farmers are still recovering from
the war in 1952.

62 Home Farm Diaries
It’s May 1970, and HR is discovering the
pros and cons of Land Rovers and
Belarus tractors.

66 The British Pretender
Stuart Gibbard recalls the Rushton
tractor – a spirited attempt to emulate
the Fordson but failed to attract the
popularity of its rival.

67 Tractor Archives
More heritage memories from the
farming literature of yesteryear.


84 Replacement Threads
We’ve all been there, as you tighten that
bolt the thread strips! Richard Lofting
takes us into the workshop to show how
easy this is to repair.

90 Knock-knock...
Unfortunately, there is no funny punch
line following this phrase when it
concerns a Massey Ferguson Perkins
A3-152 engine.


97 What’s on
Your guide to heritage days out
throughout the season in our
comprehensive event guide.

102 The Auctioneer’s Lot
We go behind the scenes at H J Pugh &
Co to discover what a day in the life of
an auctioneer is like.