Tractor & Farming Heritage | May 2014

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - May 2014

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3 Welcome

18 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and heritage.

20 Graham’s Grumbles
There is a lot in the news lately about
everybody’s favourite moan, pot holes.

24 Tractor Talk
Your news, views and comments about
the vintage and classic scene.

74 O lucky man
Jo Roberts goes to the seaside and finds
out what it’s like to spend a day in the
life of a self-employed tractor mechanic.

80 Down to business
Well, after all the time spent talking
about restoring the Dexta Graham
Hampstead decides he’d better make a
start on the poor old thing.

106 Next Month
Preview of the June issue of Tractor&
Farming Heritage magazine.

138 Last Word
Jean Brown enters the world of Farmer
Brown’s workshop where there is a place
for everything and everything is in its
place – apparently.

Your Tractors

6 Ford in the Blood
For 75 years Fordson, Ford and New
Holland tractors have taken pride of
place on the Cradock’s farm.

12 MF 20 – the industrious brother
Russell Watts has been blessed to own
and completely restore this tractor
which was once the property of the
Carmelite friars.

28 Dave’s Tractors
When a tractor joins Dave Tayor’s
collection it always needs work doing to
it and there always has to be a story
behind it; this Nuffield Universal is no

30 Blue Force 1000 update
Celebrating 50 years of the 6X 1000
Series Ford tractors means a whole
range of machines based on these skid
units need to get a mention.

34 Persistence is a powerful tool
We take a look at what happened when
Mark Cotterill decided he would like to
own a rare John Deere 5020 with a V8
Detroit Diesel engine conversion.

40 The Jerk-O-Matic
Ben Phillips tells us about the restoration
of Alan Braithwaite’s Ford 3000, fitted
with the then revolutionary Select-OSpeed


44 Multi-purpose Massey
How a brand new Massey Ferguson
3075 back in 1994 brought a whole new
world to an arable farm in Suffolk more
used to little MF 135s.

48 Planting a lasting legacy
We look at the life and times of potato
breeder, Archibald Findlay, whose work
over a century ago is still an influence

50 Porsche, there is no substitute
Whether it’s the ubiquitous 911 sports
car or the Allgaier AP22 tractor, Bill
Foreman’s affinity for the brand is

56 Horses at War
We consider how the First World War
influenced the use of horses in
agriculture and their decline as a
draught animal.

60 Home Farm Diaries
The winter of 63, vetoed from the
Common Market, myxomatosis and
soaring prices; but it wasn’t all gloom
and doom.

64 Reminisces of island life
Lawrence MacEwen, who is delightfully
eccentric and now in his early seventies,
tells Polly Pullar about some of the
highlights of his farming life on the
Island of Muck.

68 Old Reliable
During 1907, Hart-Parr introduced a
massive machine, the Hart-Parr 30-60,
which was probably its most successful
model of the period.

69 Tractor Archive
More heritage memories from the
farming literature of yesteryear.


84 Buying a tractor – Getting it restored
Now you’ve bought your tractor and
wondering what to do next, Ben Phillips
explains what typically happens when
you entrust your tractor into the hands
of a restorer.

86 Giving you a heads up
Many of the restorations in our
magazine refer to work on the cylinder
head, this time Ben Phillips shows you
how it’s done.

90 Making the connection
Richard Lofting puts an easy twist on
electrical maintenance whose theory
can sometimes seem somewhat more
complicated than actually carrying out
the repair.

94 Products
All the latest tractor and farming
heritage related product releases.

96 What’s on
Your guide to heritage days out
throughout the season in our
comprehensive event guide.

102 Sales & Marketplace
We take a look at HJ Pugh’s auction at
Malvern in March and preview the big
Cheffins’ April sale.