Tractor & Farming Heritage | April 2014

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - April 2014

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3 Welcome

18 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and heritage.

20 Graham’s Grumbles
Graham would like to meet the people
who make modern everyday electrical
items and ask them why they need to be
so complicated,

22 Tractor Talk
Your news, views and comments about
the vintage and classic scene.

54 A collection of happy memories
Our Model World report sees Henry
Smith talking to Henry Castle about his
love of the tractors, Fergusons and

78 Tractors as therapy?
Jo Roberts finds out about a unique
venture in North Wales – a special
project which really needs your help!

83 Caught in the act…
Vintage and classic tractors, we spot
them everywhere.

84 Man on a mission
Graham Hampstead finally hauls out his
Super Dexta into the cold light of day to
assess the mind-boggling list of jobs to
do for its restoration.

104 Next Month
Preview of the May issue of Tractor&
Farming Heritage magazine.

138 Last Word
Jean Brown warns what can happen
when you leave your own ‘traction man’
at home unattended all day.


6 Modern classic at work
Ace photographer Alan Barnes didn’t
have to be Sherlock Holmes to track
down the owner of this superb Massey
Ferguson 3650.

12 Downsizing to a Ploughmaster
Owner Mike Mitchell tells us why, when
his collection got out of hand, this
Roadless Ploughmaster 6/4 just had to
be one to keep.

26 Dave’s tractors
Dave Taylor likes his tractors to have
a story with them, and his
Fordson Standard Model N is
something special.

32 Blue Force 1000 update
We catch up with the preparations for
the landmark Blue Force 1000 event in
June with news that New Holland has
just confirmed its support.

36 Why John Deere?
Ever wonder why someone collects a
certain make of tractor? We see what
attracted engineer Mark Brunt to John


40 It’s a fair cop
After working under cover for the police
for over 50 years, this Allis-Chalmers
D-272 has been returned to the original
factory livery.

46 The Farming Front
In the first of a new series to mark the
centenary of the First World War, Stuart
Gibbard looks at the state of agriculture
in Britain.

50 Ditching in Dorset
A contractor’s life in Dorset, from the
1950s up to the 1980s, via Allis-
Chalmers, Fordson, International and
Same tractors.

58 Home Farm Diaries
It’s April 1974, an unforgettable year
with the miners’ strike, three-day week
and power cuts – but HR’s got Suzi
Quatro on his mind.

62 Signs of the times
Pete Kelly comes across a colourful
collection of animal feedstuff signs in

64 The Class of 64
It’s 50 years since both the MF 100 Series
and the Ford 1000 Series tractor ranges
were introduced. We chart the birth of
the modern tractor.

68 Stone walling our heritage
Polly Pullar visits the isle of North
Ronaldsay where a dwindling
population and the skills to maintain
the coastal dyke could spell the end
for the unique lifestyle of the island’s

72 Case 20-40
American farmers in the early years of
the 20th century who wanted to spend
their money wisely looked to the makes
of the highest repute such as J I Case.

73 Tractor Archive
More heritage memories from the
farming literature of yesteryear.


88 Living the dream
Terry Danson tells us how his family-run
business, Antrac Services in Canada,
came about as a result of restoring
tractors for a hobby.

90 Working on the MF 135 and Ford 3000
When you’re buying a tractor, it helps to
know what they’re like to maintain and
repair in the workshop. Ben Phillips gives
us some pointers.

93 Products
All the latest tractor and farming
heritage related product releases.

94 Moulding in glass fibre
Having learned the hard way to make
replacement panels for his tractor,
Richard Lofting now gives us his step by
step guide.

98 Tyre for a change
Ben Phillips shows you what to do if
you’re thinking of changing the tyres on
your tractor – and also what to expect
along the way.

103 Treble tops for Forfar sale
Lawrie and Symington’s auction of
George Mutch of Abernethy’s collection
of vintage tractors and machinery in