Tractor & Farming Heritage | March 2014

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - March 2014

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18 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and heritage.

22 Tractor Talk
Your news, views and comments about
the vintage and classic scene.

82 Dextas in disrepair
Graham Hampstead says you never can
have too many Dextas; trouble is he’s
got so many he can hardly remember
where they are all stored.

86 From Moorlands to Masseys
Jo Roberts meets Emyr Evans, the man
from the Welsh moors who is now a
salesman for one of our nation’s
favourite tractors.

104 Next Month
Preview of the April issue of Tractor & Farming Heritage.

138 Last Word
Farmer Brown gets light-headed and
gets into trouble on his Cropmaster

6 Grandad drives a hard bargain!
Some people relish the challenge of
bartering while others believe that there
is just one price – so stick to it.

Ever heard of a Massey Ferguson 199?
Probably not, because this 168 with a
turbocharged Perkins 6.354 fitted is the
only one in the world.

26 Dave’s Tractors
This time Dave tells us about his 1961
Fordson Super Major fitted with
Cameron Gardner one tonne forklift;
at the time a ‘major’ investment but it
revolutionised work around the

27 Graham’s Grumbles
Just what is it with HiVis yellow jackets
and hard hats?

30 Keeping the County connection
Philip Warren’s not the type of man to
restore a tractor and leave it tucked
away and forgotten – especially if it’s a

32 Passion for the wagons
We preview the Cae Hen Collection open
day, when Norman Frost’s collection of
carts goes on show to the public.

34 An Italian ‘Nuffield’
Pete Kelly takes a look at a rare Nuffield
lookalike belonging to Lincolnshire
vintage tractor enthusiast Roy Daft.

38 Blue Force 1000
Blue Force tell us the story behind the
‘Blue Force 1000’ event at the Newark
Showground this June marking the 50th
anniversary of the Ford 1000 Series.

42 Last chance saloon
This 1978 Leyland 245 Synchro was
closer to being scrapped than restored
but Robert Chisholm accepted the


48 Around with the Marshalls
Bridget Laycock reviews the very busy
schedule of shows and events that the
Marshall Club took part in throughout
the course of last year.

50 Doncaster’s diesels
After seeing a Farmall Super BMD put
through its paces, Stuart Gibbard
explains the American influences on
British International designs.

54 Life in France
We catch up with Tony Rimmer, who
escaped to a new life in retirement in
France mounted on an International
B-414 back in 2012.

58 Blackhouses see the light
Hebridean blackhouse villages were
occupied by tenant farmers for
hundreds of years. We take a glimpse at
the extreme hardships they faced.

62 Bolt from the blue
Our story about the Shotbolt Potato
Harvester some time ago led us to Ted
Howard, who actually operated the
machine in the past.

66 Opperman – remarkable little workhorse
Sometimes a vintage farm machine or
piece of equipment catches your eye
and you just need to find out more.

68 The SMOOTH operator
We find out why the manufacturers
claimed this 1939 Oliver 70 was such a

72 Weeks-Dungey ‘New Simplex’
This month’s veteran was simple in
construction – an orchard tractor from

73 Tractor Archive
More heritage memories from the
farming literature of yesteryear.

78 The Home Farm Diaries
It’s 1971 and while Joe Frazier and
Muhammad Ali square up for the Fight
of the Century, ‘HR’ prepares the annual
battle of his own on the farm.


92 Threads and their formation
Before undertaking any thread cutting,
be it new or recutting old ones, some
insight into threads and their formation
is in order.

96 Buying a tractor
Now you’ve decided on the make and
model of tractor you would most like to
own what happens next?

Tractor Events

100 Enthusiasts head for the Expo
Massey-Harris collector John Farnworth
visits the prestigious North American
Massey Expo 2013.