Tractor & Farming Heritage | June 2013

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - June 2013

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3 Welcome

7 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and farming heritage.

60 Tractor Talk
Your news and views on all things
tractor and heritage.

64 Stop the pigeon
Graham Hampstead counts the cost of
the long winter; although his
smallholding has been a paradise for a
large number of pigeons taking their fill
of his plants.

68 Machair Magic
Polly Pullar travels to the Uists, and her
enchantment with the isles turns to a
case of tractor-itis as she finds plenty of
subjects to photograph among the

71 Rare Breeds
No.111 Derbyshire Gritstone Sheep

72 Model World
This month Henry Smith looks at some
homegrown models and has a go at
restoring a farming icon in miniature;
the Ferguson TE-20.

75 Can’t get ‘Enuff’ of the Nuffield?
An old Nuffield Universal 3 now stands
seized by the roadside, but Jo Roberts
recalls the terrifying adventures she has
had with it.

120 Berries – a fruitful industry
Farming Focus takes a look at the
diverse fruit industry that once
flourished in Scotland.

122 Next month
Preview of the July issue of Tractor

Your Tractors

12 National romps home a success
This year’s National featured more than
300 runners and riders who came under
starter’s orders for the now well
established Easter experience.

18 Ultimate hedgerow find
This Ferguson looked as though it had
been pulled through a hedge backwards
when it was found – that’s because it had!

22 Turning full circle
John Crosslé used to compete on
motorbikes and then had a career in
racing car design and production; but it
all began with tractors like this Massey-
Harris 744PD.

28 From prancing horse to leaping deer
Neil Hutchinson’s engineering expertise
includes preparing Ferrari suspension
parts, but in his eyes this John Deere
AR is a true champion.

35 David Brown delights
Forty years is a long time to own a
tractor; Bob Parker tells us how this
1950 Cropmaster is extensively used
but is still mechanically sound after all
this time.

Farming Heritage

40 Tracks to the Pole
In the concluding part of his review of
polar transportation, Stuart Gibbard
looks at the use of crawler tractors in
Antarctica, including those for the
current Coldest Journey expedition.

44 The Italian Job –
Lamborghini 955DT
A Classic Tractor Tale of how this tractor
once earned a living doing various
different farming jobs.

48 The best of British
Marshall Oil Tractors; the story of the
Gainsborough company’s first forays into
the world of tractor production.

54 Green for ‘G-O’
Swords to ploughshares is a much used
adage, but there is no better way to
describe this product of a leading
American armaments manufacturer, the
General Ordnance Company.

55 Tractor Archives
More memories from the farming
literature of years gone by.

62 Tractor Gallery
Our image this time shows a 1936
Caterpillar RD7 and 1928 Holt Model
36 Combine taking a rest between
demonstrations at the Little Casterton
Working Weekend 2012.

In the workshop

80 The art of gasket making
In the first of a series of practical DIY
articles, Richard Lofting sets about
those maintenance tasks around your

82 It’s always a pleasure...
Ben Phillips completes his latest
restoration – a Massey Ferguson 135 –
but to him it’s not a routine restoration,
as it is his favourite type of tractor.


86 Who’s who at Dunlop
We visit Dunlop Tractor Spares of
Ballymena, N Ireland, where we discover
how the company came about and
where it is today.

89 What’s on
Your guide to heritage days out
throughout the season in our
comprehensive event guide.

94 Tractor Events
The Eastern Counties Vintage Tractor
and Heritage Spectacular features in
our busy reports section.

100 Sales & Marketplace
The sale of the Whittingham Brothers’
50 classic tractors is one of the
highlights this month.

104 Product Reviews
We look at the latest tractor and
heritage products on the market.