Tractor & Farming Heritage | April 2013

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - April 2013

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3 Welcome
6 News
All the latest news in the world of
tractors and farming heritage.

70 Tractor Talk
Your news and views on all things
tractor and heritage.

72 Model World
2013 marks 60 years of the BTHA Trade
Toy Fair held in London. Henry Smith
went along to find out what was new in
miniature farm machinery.

75 From wooden ploughs
to the dawn of mechanisation
Many people’s collections begin with a
grey Fergie as their oldest example and
then work their way forwards; Paul
Jones starts back with wooden horse

80 Power in the engine room
When Helene Mauchlen was bombarded
for advice on workhorses, she decided
that the best way forward was to hold a
dedicated event.

83 Rare Breeds
No. 109 Large White Pigs

84 Every bit saved is a bonus
It’s satisfying repairing original parts,
but at some point the messing about
gets too much to bear...

112 Going to the dung
Winter weather with low temperatures is
vital for farmers needing to get dung
and slurry spread on the fields.

114 Next Month
Preview of the May issue Tractor.

87 Products
Tractor magazine focuses on the latest
tractor and heritage related products.

88 Welcome back old favourite
Ben Phillips’ memories of Massey
Ferguson 135 stretch way back – so it’s
always a pleasure for him to get one to

12 The conversion therapy
Transplanting a 5.9-litre Cummins
engine into a Nuffield 10/60 was a
tricky job for Phil Upshall, but it was all
designed for a purpose…

17 Part of the furniture
Craig MacDonald had been looking for a
Dexta for a while, then found just what
he wanted through a furniture shop.

22 Choice conversions
If your tractor falls into the hands
of Phil and Giles Moston, you may
get an interesting conversion.

28 Beaten into shape
Pulling up trees is what Damian
Markham thought this Hanomag R12
had been doing when he first saw it.

34 A Fordson Major and a handpiece
Malcolm McConnochie’s impressive
working collection has grown from one
Fordson Major and a shearing

36 An offer you can’t refuse
What do you do when a David Brown
880 comes along and your shed is
bursting at the seams with earlier

38 Kendall rarity recovered
Ken Pope’s engineering skills brought
this tractor back from the very brink.

41 Clayton Chain-Rail
We record the development of the
Clayton Chain-Rail, a product of Clayton
& Shuttleworth.

42 The ‘Kent’ Tractor
Stuart explains why this Fordson-based
tracklayer was to have been known as
the ‘Kent’ tractor.

46 Designer Ace – Raymond Loewy
Mike Teanby gives an overview of
Raymond Loewy’s diverse achievements
in the field of industrial design.

50 Three eras of John Deere
Ninety years ago this year the first
tractor to bear the John Deere name
appeared and from that moment on a
legend was born.

56 Turbo Britain
The Ford Force 7000 was first seen in
1971, it was the first British tractor to
be manufactured with a factory fitted
turbo charger.

58 Tractor Gallery
Daniele Casanova took this image of
this mighty IH 6588 at work during the
Onslow Park Steam Rally in 2009.

60 The New Fordson Major and its conversions
During the Second World War, there was
a limited supply of tractors available to
the UK farmer, but by 1951 there was
plenty including a ‘new kid on the block’
from Ford.

65 Tractor Archives
More farming memories depicted
through brochures back in the day.

92 Tractor Events
We preview some of the tractor events
coming your way for the 2013 season.

96 Sales & Marketplace
Our first report on the Bristol sale of
vintage and classic tractors by Cheffins.