Tractor & Farming Heritage | November 2012

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - November 2012

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3 Welcome

11 News
All the latest news of what’s going on in the world of tractors and farming heritage.

34 News Extra
We report on the World Ploughing Contest in Croatia during September plus a visit by Oude Trekker Club of Roselare, Belgium, to our shores.

68 Tractor Talk
All your views and the latest news and reviews of DVDs and farming heritage related products.

72 Model World
This month Henry Smith takes a look at new model replicas from around the world.

75 Two kinds of treasure
Jo Roberts visits South Gwynedd and finds that relics from our agricultural past don’t all come with four wheels – some have four legs and a tail.

80 The rumble in the jungle
Graham Hampstead gets to the bottom of an unnerving rumble in a Dexta gearbox and discovers a hoard of Case hydraulic pumps that he thought were now ‘extinct’.

84 Life’s a beach
Going wild on the beach with tractors and visiting probably the first legal distillery in the Outer Hebrides were some of the highlights in part two of Polly Pullar’s trip to the isle of Lewis.

87 Rare Breeds
No.104 Zwartbles sheep

112 Farm Focus
Ploughing matches are popular events over the winter months, but using tractors is a more recent part of their history; Peter Small goes back to their roots.

114 Next month
Preview of the December issue of Tractor magazine.

Your tractors

6 Military Massey
Everyone knows that Massey-Harris tractors are painted red. Except for this one; it’s a green machine and a favourite toy of Norfolk collector, Bob Parke.

16 The winch job
Any chance to get out to see a vintage tractor working is always good; here we see how a Fordson Major copes winching a chicken shed across a field.

20 Perkins’ 80 years
As a taster to the Perkins featured displays at the Newark Vintage Tractor Show (November 10-11) this year, we take an in depth look at the famous company’s history.

28 Converted to John Deere
Jonathan Whitlam gets behind the wheel of a John Deere 3640 for the first time and discovers a hidden admiration for the green machines.

In the workshop

36 Piston smash
Ben Phillips finds plenty of work to keep him busy when he takes on his latest rebuild – a Ferguson TEF-20.

Farming heritage

40 The Tractor power wars
Alec’s Cuttings looks at how tractor manufacturers were increasing the power of their tractors in a continuing battle against other makers to stay on top of the market.

43 Massey Ferguson 35X – happy 50th
The MF 35X today has achieved something of an iconic status and is arguably the best tractor Massey Ferguson ever produced, Alan Barnes looks back over its history.

48 Cub with a mighty roar
With a 20-year production run and more than 200,000 built in America alone, the Farmall Cub was arguably the most successful light tractor produced by International.

54 Beating time with a different drum
When Rob Pennington announced he was going to demonstrate his Foster Lincoln threshing machine, it didn’t take long for a band of willing helpers and a party of onlookers to arrive at his farm in the village of Dunham Massey near Altrincham, Cheshire.

58 Tractor Gallery
There’s a veteran tractor feel to the gallery with this 1918 Sawyer-Massey 20-40 driven by Malcolm Robinson.

61 Tractor Archive
More farming memories depicted through the pages of implement and agricultural brochures of the day. This month potato diggers.

65 Veteran tractors: Ivel
This is the daddy of them all – the Ivel, which is generally regarded as the first successful British tractor.

66 Two years that saw farming change forever
The early 1950s were times of great change for agriculture; John Blake shows how this trend was reflected in the census of 1950 and 1952.


89 What’s on
Our comprehensive guide to heritage days out throughout the rally season in our events listings.

92 Tractor Events
More star turns at the Starting Handle Show: we focus on the Starting Handle Club Summer Show at Marsham on August 11-12.

94 Sales & Marketplace
Auctioneers have been wearing out their gavels this month as we bring you special coverage of the sale of the Jim Espin Collection.