Tractor & Farming Heritage | April 2012

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - April 2012

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3 Welcome

12 News
What’s going on in the world of tractors.

17 Club Focus
The late winter was a very busy time for the Blue Force Tractor Club as members attended shows all across the country.

18 Somerset sets the scene
The Somerset Tractor Show celebrated its 10th anniversary with £10,000 given to charity, and some very fine tractors on display.

72 Model World
Interest in the hobby is still on the increase as is confirmed by success at a brand new model show and the second Springfields auction.

74 Tractor Talk
Your views and latest product reviews.

78 Welsh tractors and tiny cows
Jo Roberts meets the vice-chairman of the Vale Vintage Machinery Society, and of course his collection of tractors...

82 Murder most fowl
It started off as a simple project to make the hen accommodation up to scratch...

86 Lubrication vs perspiration
While the workshop has not been too freezing cold, Graham Hampstead has been getting on with the repairs to Pete Kelly’s Fordson Major.

90 Jack Frost strikes again
A tale of the power of freezing water and a good reminder to every machinery owner in the land to check their antifreeze strength every year.

120 Farming Focus
As winter gradually eases, thoughts turn to a fresh start in the springtime and preparation for the new growing season.

121 Rare Breeds
No.97 Call ducks.

Your tractors

6 Dedicated follower
Gina Harvey talks to Sean McDonnell who is slowly building up a collection of machines similar to those he once owned during his farming career.

22 A question of style
It was a case of love at first sight when Bill Douglas’s dad John first spotted this 1942 Case DC4; now John has lavished his own care and attention on the tractor in honour of his dad’s memory.

27 A majestic presence
Pete Kelly travels to Gloucestershire to meet a family which used to run a strawberry farm and now restores vintage tractors in the old packhouse.

34 Making an impression
A Leyland 472 tractor made such an impression on Jonathan Whitlam during the early 1980s that he ended up having to buy one.

38 Tractor travels: A tractor puzzle from Ghana
Tractor-spotting wasn’t the purpose of Richard Rawsthorn’s first-time visit to Ghana. But how can a chap travel abroad without wanting to see the local tractors?

40 When your ship comes in
David McNamee’s thoughts often wandered back to childhood days of driving a tractor until he realised it just had to be a David Brown Cropmaster.

42 A future classic? Massey Ferguson 3095
For Ian Mitchell and his family, the Massey Ferguson 3095 represented something of an end of an era as it marked the end of their long association with the Massey marque.

46 Looking for something a bit special?
Deep in the Herefordshire countryside there’s a firm becoming well known as a source of complete classic tractors, spare parts and also period farm implements.

Farming heritage

50 A five star collection
What started as a sideline to serious tractor collecting has over the years grown into a real mini museum of petrol can and motoring memorabilia for Sidney Taylor.

52 You’ve got mail!
It is more than 100 years since the contents of a recently discovered envelope were packed to send to an intended customer. They never got there, but we get a chance to unearth the delights that lay within.

56 Tractor archive
We showcase the latest technology available to farmers in years gone by.

58 How about Huber?
There aren’t many tractor manufacturers starting with the letter H. Two come to mind straight away, Holt and Hart Parr - but how about Huber?

62 Tractor gallery
Massey Ferguson 65.

64 Turning up the heat
Production of Ferguson, Massey-Harris and associated machinery began to soar in the latter part of the 1940s with bulging order books both in the UK and abroad.

68 Twose company
Rescued from a bramble patch - a rare 1961 Twose bale loader that never moved more than a few miles from where it was built.
In the workshop

94 A major rebuild
The restoration on William Lofting’s 1958 Fordson Power Major gets down to the nitty gritty - and he discovers a passion for the fine detail.


98 Road runs, rallies and ploughing events
Our roundup of what’s going on out and about on the tractor event scene.

104 Sales & Marketplace
H J Pugh’s winter warmer - we feature the Sale Of Vintage & Classic Tractors at the Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet by H J Pugh & Co on February 4.