Tractor & Farming Heritage | June 2011

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - June 2011

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3 Welcome

6 National Holiday
Over 700 tractors turned out on Easter Sunday in Pembrokeshire for the National Vintage Tractor Road Run 2011.

12 News
What’s going on in the world of tractors.

30 News Extra
The Blue Force Club launch at Ben Craig’s Vintage Centre, Harby, Leicester in April.

70 Model World
Britains and Ertl release some American muscle on to the UK market, plus model tractors at Cheffins’ first vintage auction of the year.

73 Tractor Talk
Your views and product reviews.

76 Alec’s Cuttings: Cultivating farming growth
In the second part of this series we continue our round-up of the many and varied manufacturers of cultivation equipment both here in the UK and abroad.

80 Go - Compare!
Jo Roberts meets Tractor enthusiast Elwyn Edwards who has a place in his heart for two small tractors that are over five decades apart in age.

84 Harvey and Nero come of age
“How quickly we have forgotten the horse and how it has helped us throughout the ages,” says Allan Thomson of Tullichville, near Aberfeldy.

88 Back to Dexta heaven
A tale of two difficult Dextas and a troublesome TEF-20 from Graham Hampstead.

120 Farming Focus: Potatoes
When the sowing of the cereal crop was over, many farms had further frenzied activity to contend with - the planting of the all-important potato crop.

121 Rare Breeds
No. 87 Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Sheep.

122 Next Month
Preview of the July issue of Tractor magazine.

Your tractors

16 Still a boy racer!
When hearing that his father, Herbert, was tired of travelling at 16mph to local tractor shows, Philip McNabb decided to do something about it.

22 The wraps are off at last!
With the owners now in a position to take delivery of the Allis-Chalmers ED-40, Ben Phillips can finally get round to completing that restoration.

34 The ultimate birthday present
We follow the restoration of ‘Evie’, a 1949 Field Marshall Series II gift-wrapped for Emily - Cameron Anderson’s fiancée!

38 A new set of working clothes
As well as being a working honey farm, the Chain Bridge Honey Farm near Berwick-upon- Tweed is also home to a fascinating collection of vintage vehicles, machinery and farm equipment.

48 Tractor Travels: The weird and the wonderful
Cody Adgent has been involved with tractors and equipment since he was 17; now aged 28 he’s still doing it and has uncovered some interesting finds.

52 The big green pulling machine
A 1942 Unipower timber tractor, which still works for a living in Cornwall.

56 Tractors, tractors everywhere...
Finding tractors takes our contributors to many places up and down the land; so what odds on coming across places like the little town of Whithorn with so many restorations going on in relation to its small population.

60 Major performance
This 1963 Fordson Super Major is Dan Baldwin’s pride and joy and having worked hard to restore the Fordson it is rare for anyone else to get a chance behind the wheel.

64 A Fergie affair
Ron Lyons has had a continuing affection throughout his life for the first tractor he drove - the ubiquitous Fergie.

Farming heritage

26 County expands
We talk to David Tapp about his life and tractor development at Fleet in Hampshire and its unique legacy in part two of our County series.

42 The one year wonder
We explore the case of the SFV non hot bulb tractor built by CGM whose short production run has become a factor in its collectability.

44 The bigger picture
In the third part of our series, Pete Kelly is shown into the world of Malcolm Robinson’s amazing collection of Wallis and Massey-Harris ephemera.

66 Tractors that won the war!
March marked the 70th anniversary of The United States Congress passing the Lend-Lease Act legislation enabling large numbers of American-built tractors to join the greatest mobilisation of power on the land that Britain had ever seen.


95 What’s on
The second part of our brand new guide to forthcoming events.

100 Road runs, rallies and ploughing event reports
Our round-up of what’s going on out and about on the tractor scene.

104 Sales & Marketplace News
Eight-page sale special including Cheffins’ big April vintage auction, previews and more.

In the workshop

92 Village fair and Fordson fountain
Harry Dodd continues the repair work on his Fordson N, which announced itself dramatically last year with a shower of ‘black rain’, by getting to grips with the radiator.

Front cover

More than 700 tractors travelled the 30-odd miles through beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside on this year’s National Road Run. Turn to page 6 for the full story.