Tractor & Farming Heritage | April 2011

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Tractor & Farming Heritage - April 2011

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3 Welcome

12 News
What’s going on in the world of tractors.

54 Here’s to the next 50!
After celebrating the golden anniversary of Doe Shows in 2010, the latest Doe Show started the next 50 years of this excellent event in fine style, writes Donald Bowler.

56 Tractor Talk
Your views and product reviews.

65 Model World
Henry Smith reviews what’s going on in the model scene.

82 From trucks to tractors
After spending most of his working life with trucks, Derrick McGregor now finds time in his retirement to work with his preferred mode of transport - tractors.

86 Ran out of space?
Jo Roberts meets the Anglesey tractor enthusiast who’s scaling down, and chats to Andy Sewell - the man behind the models at Classic-Combines.

92 Don’t reinvent the wheel
Graham Hampstead ponders on why an economical, tried and tested component that has been in use for decades should be replaced in the name of progress.

96 Showtime at Smithfield
We conclude our look at the Smithfield Show of 1960 and round up a selection of the best farming equipment on offer from manufacturers.

120 Farming Focus: The story of oats
Of all the grain used in the manufacture of breakfast cereals one stands head and shoulders above the rest - the humble oat.

121 Rare Breeds
No 85 Northern Dairy Shorthorn Cattle

122 Next month
Preview of the May issue of Tractor magazine.

Your tractors

6 Massey magic!
Pete Kelly visits Carrington Rally Committee Chairman Malcolm Robinson to see one of the finest collections of Massey-Harris tractors, implements and ephemera in the world.

18 Allis well that ends well
Last time we met Bob Griggs was back in issue 73 with his superbly restored ex-Kent County Council Ferguson. Here is his latest restoration, a 1964 Allis-Chalmers ED-40.

22 Pretty in pink
One comment that the owner of this tractor is unlikely to hear at any tractor show is - “There’s another Fergie that’s just like all the rest.”

26 King Tonka
Remember those ‘real tough toys for real tough boys’? A County Super-6 is about as close as you can get to a real life Tonka toy in Pete Henshaw’s eyes.

40 Ready to trench
Father and son team Ray and Anthony Stokes enjoy the challenge of working a Fordson Standard N tractor coupled to a rather interesting piece of contracting history.

50 On the road to Tipperary
Interviewing someone while they were answering questions from a prospective buyer turned out to be a good way to find out more about this Ford 6810.

60 Paradise Valley
Tractors of all makes, ages and conditions adorn private gardens, paddocks and farm entrances in the awesome scenery of Montana.

68 Little and large
We visit the home of two Caterpillars - a 1930 petrol Fifteen and 1940 diesel D6 - one of which has spent all its working life in Hampshire.

90 Reunited after 40 years
When Heather Davies decided to get her husband a surprise birthday present she made sure it would be one he would never forget.

Farming heritage

32 Striking the right chord
The Roar of Dust and Diesel is regarded as a definitive book on International Harvester; Mike Teanby explores the history of the company from a different angle.

36 A flock of Sheppards?
Following up the Sheppard Diesel article (Tractor, August 2010), we catch up with one of the collectors to find out more!

46 Should have been a contender
The Wallace Glasgow Tractor was hailed as light and powerful plus it had all-wheel drive. Buyers were further promised a revolutionary high torque sleeve valve engine, yet they only sold a few hundred, where did it all go wrong?

74 The hot bulb phenomenon
What makes the continental single-cylinder hot bulb two-stroke semi diesel engined tractors so popular? We delve into their background and development to find what makes them tick.

78 Ransomes for the market
Tom Tweedie’s collection of Ransomes crawlers provides an impressive backdrop to chart the rise of the Ransomes Motor Garden Cultivator.


102 Road runs, rallies and ploughing event reports.

110 Sales & Marketplace News

Front cover

Derrick McGregor is a familiar face in vintage circles. Though his favourite mode of transport, his old David Brown 880 has no cab, he won't let the weather spoil his road run forays. Turn to page 82 to read his story.