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Performance VW - February 2017

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Performance VW | February 17  

As far as mixed bags go, this issue is up there with the best of them; but then that’s never a bad thing, right? Dan Guirey’s wide-arched, Wrigley’s-liveried Mk1 steals the main cover slot, and rightly so. We’ve heard about some labour of love projects over the years but Dan’s patience has been pushed way past what’s considered healthy during this monster build. Quite how the car got finished without Dan winding up in the funny farm is beyond us. You can find out more on page 8. 

Elsewhere we’ve got a body-kitted Mk2 from Poland running an Audi 3.2-litre V6 complete with DSG ’box (p32), a Golf R-powered Lupo drag racer from Holland good for 600bhp and 9sec quarter-mile times (p40), a German Polo GTI packed with OEM+ goodness (p70), a time-warp Mk1 Passat Variant (p78), a carbon-coated Audi RS6 (p90) and a ground-scraping Karmann Ghia from the US running a Mazda 13B rotary engine (p56). If that little lot doesn’t tickle your fancy then we’ve also got the conclusion to Eibach’s Scirocco makeover as it takes to track, plus reports from Ultimate Stance, Low Collective and Eurobuilt. Until next month, enjoy the issue!