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Practical Poultry - September 2015

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Inside the September 2015 issue of Practical Poultry...

Buying guide: Sumatra
Ideal for the discerning keeper, this
exotic breed offers an attractive

Andy’s diary

Tackling those niggly jobs around the
chicken pen before the weather turns

The Gallery

A bumper batch of your poultry
favourites caught on camera

Feather facts

You may imagine that all feathers are
much about the same, but they’re not,
as Paul Donovan explains

30-minute guide:

Chicken types
Our whistle-stop introduction to the
basic chicken type classifi cations

Every little helps!

How to sell your surplus eggs and
make a bit of cash to help cover
your chicken feed bills

Get it right

How to buy the best birds you can and
avoid costly mistakes

Natural solution

We investigate the power of garlic, and
how it can benefi t your birds

Chicken blog

This is the fi nal tale from Trish
Colton’s back garden fl ock


BHWT founder Jane Howorth
describes a day in the life of one of
its volunteers

A Bresse of fresh air!
Fred Hams discusses the potential
usefulness of the French La Bresse

Chicken-friendly vets listing

Disease issues

Poultry vet David Parsons explains
the health risks faced by birds
attending poultry shows

Poultry Q&A's
More of your chicken-related
problems solved

Careful cutting

Learn how to trim beaks, claws and
spurs properly and safely

Breeders Directory

It’s still the UK’s biggest and best!

...and much more!!