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Performance BMW - August/September 2020

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The August/September issue of PBMW is packed full of awesome BMW builds and whether you’re into older stuff, newer stuff, fast stuff or styled stuff we've got something for everyone. Our cover car is a beast of a build from right here in the UK and it’s an E30 M3 packing possibly the ultimate engine swap to end all engine swaps – an S85 V10. While the swap itself is absolutely insane, the rest of the car has been modified incredibly tastefully and it’s just a stunning build all-round.

It’s not the only engine-swapped machine lurking in this issue, though, as we’ve got two other BMs powered by something special under their bonnets. The first of these is an 8 Series, not a car we often see in the mag, but this one makes up for any lack of E31 content by having a 577hp supercharged S62 V8 in its engine bay. We’ve also got an E36 drifter for you that’s powered by an absolutely insane 3.5-litre S54 that revs to over 10,000rpm and makes an outrageous 754hp and it’s one of the wildest S54 builds we’ve ever seen. Speaking of wild, how about a custom metal wide-body E28? Well we’ve got one of those for you, too, and it’s a spectacular machine on every level and, while we’re on the subject of wide-bodies, we’ve also got a wide-arch E92 335d for you but this devastating diesel machine isn’t just about looks as it’s packing twin hybrids making 404whp and a terrifying 630lb ft wtq, which is just insane. We’ve also got a gorgeous air-ride E21 plus all the regular bits and pieces for you to enjoy.