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Performance BMW - June 2019

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Performance BMW
June 2019

This issue we’re all about balance, because that’s what life is all about and sometimes you have to be sensible. So, yes, we do have an E60 M5 (and M6) buying guide because there’s an E60 M5 on the cover and we figured reading about that might get you fired about the idea of buying one. They’re so cheap that we apologise in advance if you do find yourself suddenly buying one without even realising. But if you just can’t justify an M5 then how about a far more sensible F3x 3 or 4 Series? They’re great cars with plenty of modding potential and you can pick one up for not a lot of money – check out our Quick Guide to see why an F3x is a really good buy. And, because we’re fully aware of just how many of you out there drive diesels or need a diesel, we’ve also put together a guide to some of the best diesel engines BM has ever made, the best cars to buy them in, and tuning tips to get the most out of them.

As for our feature cars this month, they’re pretty outrageous. On the cover we have a 675hp supercharged and meth-injected E60 M5; that’s just insane, and this car is a beast and no mistake. Then there’s that 700whp road-going Z4 GT3 replica we’ve also got, a certified SEMA show-stopper; a 408hp turbo E36 M3 from South Africa that just looks so good; an S52-swapped wide-body E30 that’s built as much for the track as it is for looks; and possibly the most outright spectacular E46 Touring we’ve ever seen, because this one has a full M3 body conversion and the S54 to go with it. Even the slightly more sensible stuff in this issue isn’t actually very sensible at all – we’ve got a 120d that’s been treated to a full 1M body conversion, and an F30 335i that’s covered in aggressive aero and putting out 400hp. It just goes to show that even if you need to be a bit more practical and sensible with your car choices, there’s always room to go a little wild…