Heritage Commercials | May 2016

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Heritage Commercials - May 2016

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06 Happy returns 

Bought for Ian Thompson as a 21st birthday present in 1979, the ’75 Atky Borderer GGR 575N is the gift that keeps on giving. He shows Bob Tuck how much enjoyment this very special classic can still generate. 


12 Ignition 

News and events from around the classic commercial vehicle world. 


16 Readers’ letters 

Your chance to tell us a story, put things right, or ask a question. 


24 Sole survivor 

Alan Barnes reports on one of the latest lorries to enter the Knowles Heritage Collection, a 1954 Sentinel DV66. 


32 Manufacturer’s history 

Peter Henshaw concludes his history of engine maker, Perkins. 


38 Thunderbirds are not go! 

Do you know what happened to this lorry? 


40 Midlothian ERF 

Restoring an old lorry can take a lot of time and effort. Bob Weir went to Kirknewton near Edinburgh to meet Peter Henderson and his late model ERF LV. 


44 The French collection part one 


50 The ubiquitous TK 

The Bedford slogan of ‘you see them everywhere’ was no idle boast, as Mark Gredzinski now demonstrates! 


56 Jack’s first record breaker 


62 Archive album 

Council lorries are the unsung heroes of the transport world. Did you drive one? 


66 Foden strokers 

Foden FD series two-strokes were music to the ears of many, the cause of headaches to others. Ed Burrows traces their history. 


72 On location 

Dave Bowers reports on the recent Retro Truck Show held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon. 


76 From our archives 

This month we feature the Boalloy ‘Linkliner’ urban delivery body. Did you use one? 


78 The EA van story 

Russ Harvey looks at the history of Leyland’s forerunner to the ubiquitous Sherpa. 


86 Danny’s Tranny 

HGV mechanic Danny Burrows updates us on the restoration of his ex British Airways Ford Transit. 


90 Workshop 

Richard Lofting takes us through the process of rebuilding engine water pumps. 


99 HC Marketplace 

The place to buy or sell anything to do with classic commercial vehicles.