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Heritage Commercials - April 2016

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APRIL 2016 Contents

12 Ignition
What’s happening in the world of classic

16 Readers’ letters
This is your chance to have a say. So, what
have you got to tell us?

26 Going back in time
Dave Bowers talks to Nigel Wilson about
what it was like doing continental haulage
back in the 1970s, and why he’s restored
the very lorry he used back then.

32 Manufacturer’s history
Peter Henshaw tells the first part of the
story of British engine maker, Perkins.

38 The family tree
Davis Bros was once the largest haulier
in the UK, next to BRS. Ed Burrows
talks to family member, Parry Davis,
about the company and the classic
commercial world.

06 Cover Story
Made to measure
It may have left the Scotstoun
production line as a four-
wheel Albion Super Clydesdale, but ever
since Alan Burne got hold of it he’s been
changing the spec to make it far better for
his line of work.

44 Archive album
This month’s nostalgia from the NA3T
photographic album features the
Bedford TM.

48 Subscription form
Save money and get your copy of HC
delivered early by subscribing.

50 From our archives
Did you work with Scammell Crusaders?

56 In time of crisis
We continue the appraisal of the vehicles
employed by the AFS and Civil Defence,
from the 1950s to the sell off of the
final Green Goddesses in 2005

60 Life in transport
In his time on the spanners, Roy
Pickard must have worked on literally
thousands of vehicles. But one that was
to leave more memories than most is
Sunter Bros’ RPY 767 – the only Rotinoff
Atlantic heavy hauler sold for operation
in the UK.

66 Scania’s big box
Mark Gredzinski has a look at the working
days of Scania’s 112.

72 Lucky Penny
Alan Barnes visits Myke Ready to find out
about his latest restoration project, a
1954 Scammell 15 - ton MU tractor

80 Last of the breed
The Marshal was one of the last models
to carry the famous AEC badge. Bob Weir
travelled to Pathhead near Edinburgh to
meet Alistair Baxter and EHA 144T.

84 On location
Jim King reports from the Kettering
Vintage Rally & Steam Fayre held on the
weekend of September 26 and 27, 2015.

86 High-class hauler!
Dean Reader goes hunting in deepest
Dorset for a rare Humber pick-up – and
finds something very special!

90 Workshop
Got an iffy exhaust manifold thread? Well
read this and get it fixed!

99 HC Marketplace
The place to buy and sell anything to do
with classic lorries, truck or vans.