Heritage Commercials | May 2014

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Heritage Commercials - May 2014

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MAY 2014

06 Ignition
A quick look at what’s happening around
the classic commercial world and what
events are coming up.

10 Your say
Five pages of your memories, observations
and queries.

18 One man and his shed
You never know what classics you’ll find
lurking in David Crouch’s sheddown in darkest
Leicestershire. Bob Tuck went for a look.

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26 A look back – part 1
Alan Barnes trawls the archives to come up
with the history of Atkinson.

32 Red Rover rarity
The Austin Maestro vans were once ten a
penny – but now they’re far rarer than
you think.

36 At your service – part 2
Richard Tew completes the story of haulier
Paul Riches.

42 Archive Album
This month’s theme is Magirus Deutz. Did
you drive one?

46 Ford Thames
Roger Hamlin tracks down another superb
restoration while on his recent New
Zealand safari.

48 Walsh Bros’ Bonus
Go to the workshop of these enthusiasts
and you’ll find far more than you
bargained for.

50 Blackburn Rover
Bob Weir visits a demobbed Watford
warhorse that’s still hard at work.

54 Commercial Combinations
There are lightweights, and then there are
lightweights! Have a look at a different way
of moving goods.

60 Roaming Bisons
Leyland’s Bison was once the ‘standard’ sixwheeler
of many fleets. Here’s a look at
some at work.

66 On Location
Dean Reader hunts for commercials at
Birmingham’s NEC.

68 Peter the Plumber
If you’re a local trader and want to get
yourself noticed, the answer could be to
get yourself a classic slice – or three - of
English heritage.

74 Variations on a theme – part 2
Norman Chapman continues his look at the
lesser known side of Ford’s Thames Trader.

78 Cover Story
The Walsh Brothers certainly know how to
steal the show each year. Here’s their latest
unusual offering.

82 Holland’s Heritage
Over the years Dutch truck makers have
certainly dared to be different. Here’s a
quick look.

90 My Leyland Days – part 1
Dennis Brooks tells the story of his
working life as an engineer with Leyland
Group vehicles in the harsh conditions of
1960s Australia.

96 Central Transport Ltd
Michael Marshall looks into the history of a
family haulage firm that spanned more
than half a century.

107 HC Marketplace
The place to buy or sell anything related to
classic commercials.

114 Final word
Some of last month’s mysteries cleared up.