Heritage Commercials | April 2014

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Heritage Commercials - April 2014

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APRIL 2014

06 Ignition
What’s been going on in the classic
commercials world during the last month –
and what’s coming up soon.

10 Your say
Your chance to ask a question, put things
straight or tell a tale.

18 Len’s old wagon
In its time, Renown must have been the
biggest/hardest worked artic low loader in the
land and thanks to the involvement of many,
it’s been saved for preservation. But as far as
Wynns’ fans are concerned, KAX 395P will
always be known as Len Dobie’s old wagon.

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26 Making a full recovery
Bert Lambert spent many years recovering
broken down and crash damaged coaches
from all over the UK and Europe – and still
owns the Bedford TM he used at the time.
Alan Barnes paid him a visit.

32 Super Gran
Converting cars into commercial vehicles
has been going on since the beginning of
motoring – particularly for very specialised
purposes. Dean Reader looks at a few of the
conversions done to Ford’s 1970s/80s
flagship – the Granada.

36 At your service – part 1
It’s been said that there’s one book in all of
us. Well, Richard Tew has tracked down
somebody who may have more than one
book’s worth in them!

42 Archive album
Four pages of nostalgia from the superb
NA3T archive.

46 Coalisland Leylands
Moving sand and brick for H R Collinwell in
Belfast, as well as collecting and delivering
pressed brick from Cookstown during the
1960s, was Isaac McAteer’s core business.
Gina Harvey spent an afternoon with Isaac
and his wife Lillian.

50 From our archives
This month we feature the Karrier Bantam.
Did you drive one?

54 Border Reivers
William Nichol owns one of the
finest collections of classic ERF lorries
in the Scottish borders. Bob Weir went to
the family’s depot in Lochmaben, to see
some of Sandbach’s finest.

60 Three generations
Dave Bowers visits the Breward family,
three generations of old lorry restorers and

64 It’s behind you – part 2
Carrying on from last month, Russ Harvey,
Minor LCV Register Historian, tracks down
the only known survivors of the ‘Minatic’
light artic.

68 Thanks for the memories Arthur
As Consett’s main photographer of note
during the 1950s and 60s, the late Arthur
Philipson took all manner of images yet
as Bob Tuck discovers, his work for
Consett Iron Company produced some
classic gems.

74 Southern Stars
Paul Gleeson is one of New Zealand’s most
prolific lorry restorers. Roger Hamlin went
to see his latest projects.

76 On location
This month Gyles Carpenter visits
the Motorman’s Cafe gathering
in Yorkshire.

78 Spotlight on services
Based in Kent, Steering Wheel Restoration
Services has been rejuvenating wheels for
over 20 years.

80 Variations on a theme - part 1
There must have been hundreds of features
written about the Thames Trader Forward
Control over the years. Norman Chapman
hopes, in this one there might be some
aspects of this wagon that you don’t
already know.

84 Traveller’s tales
Dave Bowers recounts his travels around
Venezuela, and finds it to be a motorist’s
and truck operator’s paradise.

88 Double bumper Bedford
Until relatively recently, a very common
sight throughout Britain, the Bedford KM
was an unglamorous working lorry – as
these photos from Mark Gredzinski show.

94 Classic continuity
Ed Burrows profiles an American legend in
markets ranging from the US owner-driver
Class 8 long-haul segment to extreme duty
operations in the sands of Arabia

102 Stumpy brings the smiles
At 60 years of age, Stumpy, New Zealand
roofing contractor Dean Somerville’s 1952
Fordson E83W 10 cwt pick-up truck receives
no special treatment, spending its time
when not in use outside under a car port.

107 HC Marketplace
The place to buy and sell anything related
to classic commercials.

114 Final word
A few mystery motors for you.