Heritage Commercials | July 2013

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Heritage Commercials - July 2013

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06 Keeping the flame burning
Bob Tuck was among Sunday’s estimated
10,000 plus spectators at The Sandbach
Transport Festival; while for the roundthe-
town cavalcade, he was given a
special seat alongside REVS chairman
Graham Flack in MJ 2711 – ERF’s first
ever CI4.

12 News
What’s happening in the world of classic

18 Depending on the D
Ford’s replacement for the Thames Trader
had to be good to compete with the
Bedford TK. Alan Barnes has a look at
what they came up with – the D Series.

24 Retired from service
Lyons & Co was well known for the
quality of its products, but its old vehicles
were also highly sought after when they
were sold on. Arthur Ingram takes a look.

28 Your say
Four pages of your queries, observations
and comments.

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34 Indian Empire
Ed Burrows tells the story of Tata, a
business that began life in 1954 as a
Mercedes-Benz licensee and is now
ranked as the number four truck maker in
the world.

42 Model world
The editor has finally completed the build
of a Revell Mercedes Unimog – but what
was it like to build?

44 The Brian Harris Story – part 1
Few people in transport are remembered
with such affection as the late Brian
Harris. Alan Barnes speaks to those that
knew him.

50 On location
This month Gyles Carpenter reports from
the HCVS London to Brighton Run

52 Set in concrete – part 2
Alan Barnes brings you the story of the
innovations and innovators involved in
developing the ready mixed concrete

60 Best in breed
Mack’s AC was widely used by the
British Army in the First World War,
where the ‘Tommies’ christened it the
‘Bulldog’. Bob Tuck had a look at one
to see why it deserved the name.

66 Archive album
Four more pages of sheer nostalgia
from the superb NA3T photographic

70 A Comet’s tale
Some old lorries stand out a lot more
than others. And although a Leyland
Comet 90 tipper wagon may seem
fairly run of the mill, Malcolm
Handley knew he was on to
something really different when he
came across this lorry, as Dave
Bowers found out.

76 Military makeover
Land Rovers are often seen now as
luxury vehicles. But in times past they
produced some real workhorses –
including some specifically for the

80 From our archives.
This month’s sales brochure comes from
Scammell in the late 1970s. Did you drive

84 Ryburn remembered
Memories of times past as we go back to
the transport world of the 1940s.

87 HC Marketplace
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project or advertise for that elusive
missing part – for free.