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Heritage Commercials - February 2010

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6 Centre of attraction
The newly opened Donald Malcolm Heritage Centre is the latest offshoot of The Malcolm Group’s portfolio of interests. As Bob Tuck reports, Heritage Commercials is the first publication to be given the guided tour.

12 News
Four pages of news from the classic commercial vehicle world.

16 PA Laing & Co
Alan Barnes goes north to get the history behind PA Laing & Co, a company that’s been in business since the end of WWII.

22 Fun of the fair
Bob Weir visits Brian McGinley to get the story of his 1960 AEC Mercury.

26 Foden S21
Roger Hamlin looks at the latest classic lorry to be owned by John Nicholls MBE, a cracking 1960 Foden S21.

28 Readers' letters
It’s time for your say now, with five pages of your queries, memories and views.

34 Emergency service classic
Richard Murrell’s 1961 Dennis F28 Water Tender served 17 years for Somerset Fire Brigade, has starred on TV and has been restored twice. Alan Barnes brings us the story.

40 Bedfords, Bedfords,Bedfords!
New Zealand enthusiast Kevin Forbes, intends to open a museum. Roger Hamlin visited him to see his growing collection.

42 Trailing along behind
Paul Fox looks at a vital piece of road haulage equipment that’s often completely taken for granted - the trailer.

46 On location
Gyles Carpenter heads north of the border to cover the superb 2009 Ayrshire Road Run.

48 Heritage fleet
Following on from his cracking two-part company history of SW Wreford of Northamptonshire, Alan Barnes now takes a look at their collection of restored lorries.

52 Consett’s finest
Ian Hall’s personalised collection of models brings back some happy memories of heavy haulage in the 1960s. Bob Tuck goes back to his old home town of Consett to marvel over Ian’s miniatures.

58 Archive album
Four pages of nostalgia from the archives of NA3T.

62 Behind the wheel
Peter Cook looks back on a lifetime of driving lorries all over Britain.

65 Club focus
This month David Berry looks at the history and happenings of The Leyland Society.

66 Black Forest rarity
Roger Hamlin brings us the story of a very rare lorry - a 1955 Betz, believed to be one of only seven surviving in the world.

68 Blodwyn!
David Bowers goes to see Blodwyn, an unrestored 1929 Austin pick-up that was used to deliver coal around Presteigne for 20 years.

71 Subscription form
Save money and get your copy of HC early by subscribing.

72 PF Booth & Son
Neil Cross brings us a short history of PF Booth & Son, a company that’s now been in business for over fifty years.

74 From our archives
This month’s ‘From our archive’ features extracts from the 1953 brochure for the Morris-Commercial normal control five-tonner. Did you drive or work on one?

78 Chris’s scrapbook
Transport writer and historian Chris Woodcock has been all over the world and amassed a superb archive of photographs of lorries from days past. Enjoy!

81 HC Marketplace
The place to buy and sell anything relating to classic commercials.