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Heritage Commercials - January 2010

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6 Floor Walker
Bob Tuck gets invited to the unveiling of a new garage floor - and gets to see Stuart Walker's superb Foden at the same time!

12 Product reviews
New books, DVDs and calendars out in time for Christmas.

14 News and events
News from around the classic commercial vehicle world.

18 Knight of the road
Roger Hamlin tells the story of the 1948 AEC Matador recently purchased by Roger Hawkshaw

20 Samuel Williams & Sons Ltd
Part three of David Craggs' excellent history of this once massive concern. This month he looks at the company through the eyes of one of their long-serving drivers, Peter Garner.

28 Readers’ letters
Five pages of your memories, questions and queries.

34 Commer collection
Roger Hamlin visits New Zealand’s Brian Bond to see his fantastic collection of classic Commers.

40 Morris J Type
Alan Barnes looks at John Sanders’ cracking little 1954 Morris J Type that spent most of its life working for a small garage in Essex.

44 Workshop
This month’s update on the restoration of the editor’s Triumph Courier van. This month the head goes unleaded.

48 Life in transport
Alex Saville tells the final part of his story of life at the BRS Douglas Group. This month, out of sight is out of mind!

50 On location
Gyles Carpenter visits this year’s Scammell Gathering which was held down at Chatham’s Historic Dockyard.

52 Dor to Dor
Alan Barnes brings us the story of the well known parcel delivery firm Dor to Dor, who were eventually taken over by United Carriers.

58 Britain’s oldest working lorry?
David Bowers goes to Leeds to look at the 1938 Bedford still being used by McCarthy’s Removals and Storage. Is this Britain’s oldest working lorry?

62 Archive Album
Four pages of nostalgic photos from the NA3T archive. We don’t have much information with them so can you help fill in the gaps?

66 King ’Con!
And now for something completely different! Bob Tuck goes to see a 1974 Hydrocon Clansman mobile crane that still works for a living.

71 Oddities
Two unusual finds from the world of transport, brought to us by Roger Hamlin

72 Flower power at Fordham!
Paul Fox brings us the story of how flowers were once transported overnight to markets all over the country from the fenland area around the town of Fordham.

76 Subscription form
Save money and get your copy of Heritage Commercials delivered early by subscribing.

78 Down memory lane
Vintage lorries have a habit of popping out of the woodwork when you least expect them. When a well remembered Albion Clansman FT35 re-surfaced after a lengthy interval of twenty years, Drew Laburn grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Report by Bob Weir.

82 Bringing home the beer
Chris Cleaver tells the story of his father Jim, who worked delivering Carlsberg from 1956 until 1991.

84 Fairground attraction
Alan Barnes visits the fairground to look at the Scammell Highwayman still used by TA Benson & Sons.

89 HC Marketplace
The place to buy and sell anything relating to classic commercials. All our adverts are current at time of publication.