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Heritage Commercials - September 2008

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Editors Comment
Words and wisdom from our esteemed editor David Craggs.

6 Cover Story
The Pearce family’s AEC Mammoth Major MkII is a head-turning restoration presented in the livery it wore when new to Express Dairies in 1936 - Alan Barnes tells the full story.

12 News
Peter Love certainly gets around in his quest for news including the latest auction results and who’s doing what.

16 Events Guide
What’s on in August? Turn to pages 16 and 17, where you’re bound to find something of interest.

18 R Swain & Sons Ltd
Last month we chronicled the history of this well respected haulage company. Now, long-term Swain’s man Mark Tomkies tells of his many years with the company.

24 The Jevon Memoirs
Talented writer and illustrator Tony Jevon relates more tales from his tanker driving days - a must read.

26 Readers’ Letters
Once more we pass the pen over to you for your views and experiences - you might even become a prizewinner or go on to be a regular columnist, who knows, it’s happened before.

30 75 years of ERF
Gyles Carpenter joined the vast array of ERFs that took part in the gathering to celebrate 75 years of ERF, and filed this great pictorial report.

34 Archive Album
This month we’ve selected eight terrific shots, taken at the 1954 Coventry Lorry Driver of the Year competition, by the late Arthur Hustwitt.

38 Instructing the military
Famed for his heavy haulage tales, Tony Hawkridge this month tells us all about his ‘day job’ as a driving instructor at the military base at Leconfield.

44 A Salesman’s Memories
Peter Smith brings you the ninth and final part of his series entitled ‘The Confessions of a Lorry Salesman’. Thanks Peter, we’ve enjoyed ’em.

46 On Location
Two pages of fabulous pictures courtesy of expert transport photographer Gyles Carpenter who covered the 10th NE Scotland Road Run for us.

48 The Gillespie Albion Chieftain
David Bowers went to Auldgirth in Dumfriesshire to get the full SP on the Gillespie brother’s fantastic Albion Chieftain flatbed.

54 From Our Archive
We’ve reproduced this Albion FT37 sales brochure, which again comes courtesy of BR ‘Fred’ Emery, and complements the previous feature perfectly.

58 MS - the end of a lifelong road
This is part one of two written by Dave Robinson, telling of his life behind the wheel, which was unfortunately cut short by - you’ve guessed it, MS.

64 WR Barton & Son Ltd
Five pages featuring the recollections of William Holden who drove for the Gravesend area company of WR Barton & Son Ltd backed by some wonderful archive pictures.

70 James Stockdale Ltd - Part 1
Transport historian and restorer Alex Hunter, having chronicled the history of SA Bell, has turned his attention to James Stockdale Ltd from the same north Yorkshire area of Seamer on the outskirts of Scarborough.

84 Volvo - Part 2
Stephen Pullen told of the early years of Volvo in last month’s edition, leaving this month’s pages to deal with their story from the 50s onwards - these pages alone are worth the cover price, nice one Stephen.