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Heritage Commercials - August 2008

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6 The Derry Scania
Most will be familiar with the Derry family’s lorries. We look back at the family’s history and Gerard Derry’s beautifully restored 1972 Scania 110 Super.

12 News
Peter Love travelled the length and breadth of the country collecting information for these informative three pages.

16 Events Guide
Places to go and what to do in July are all contained within this two page guide - use it and enjoy.

18 Dodge Kew
A lorry needs to be very special to gain an award at the London to Brighton Rally - this Dodge did and here is the full story behind its restoration.

24 The Jevon Memoirs
This popular monthly look into the working life of writer and illustrator Tony Jevon sees our hero tanker driving in the snow and facing things that appear in the night!

26 Readers’ Letters
You’ve done it again - you’ve come up with some great letters, the best of which wins a very limited edition Corgi Atkinson Borderer model.

32 Archive Album
We bring you another eight stunning archive pictures taken by the late Arthur Hustwitt around London.

36 Ireland Hopping
This year’s two-day road run around Ireland catered for 70 plus lorries and proved yet again to be one of the year’s highlights.

40 R Swain & Sons Ltd
When you’ve been in the haulage game as long as Swains have and still have a workforce of over 450 people, their company history makes for compulsive reading.

46 AECs at Newark
A pictorial report on an event where the Saturday evening social dinner was saved by the good old Kilby AEC Routemaster.

48 Resurrected E38W
Peter Norton has a nose for sniffing out restored brewery vehicles in the Oxfordshire region, and this colourful Ford E38W is the latest in his beerstained reports!

52 Spotlight on Services
The ERF Historic Vehicles Ltd Club, more commonly known as REVS, offer a service to owners and enthusiasts of the ERF marque. How do you join and what do you get for your money?

54 Edgar’s Ford D1000
Tony Hawkridge’s heavy haulage tales go down well with you the reader, so enjoy his memories of driver Edgar Wynn, which are told in true Yorkshire style.

58 From Our Archive
There’s only one way to follow Tony Hawkridge’s memories of a Ford D1000, and that’s to print extracts from a D1000 sales brochure.

62 Bakers of Soton
As a boy, Mark Kempsey remembers shadowing his uncle Phil Dibden and admiring the vehicles and style of haulage undertaken by the company he drove for - Bakers of Soton.

65 Subscription coupon
You can either use this coupon or photocopy it and use it - trust me, it offers many benefits with no downsides. - Ed

66 A Tayside Treasure
Gordon Robertson began restoring old stationary engines and tractors and then found he needed a lorry to transport them with, and that’s where the story really begins.

70 Know Your Scammells
Alan Barnes has compiled this feature with the help of the Scammell Register and their archive. This month they take a look at Pioneers and Explorers.

76 HC’s Marketplace
Our ‘Marketplace’ section becomes more and more popular with buyers and sellers alike as they recognise that it only includes vehicles and parts that are available at the time of going to press, thanks to the efforts of our advertising lady - the one and only Annie Durrant. Why not send Annie your FREE ad today.

84 Volvo - The Early Years
Stephen Pullen is becoming synonymous with first class manufacturers’ company history features. Here he chronicles the early years of this Swedish giant.