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Heritage Commercials - February 2008

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6 The Abbott Foden S39
Having had an extended ‘muckaway’ life after ARC had finished with it, it’s hard to imagine this Foden would ever look and run like this one does, ever again.

10 News
Peter Love has researched and collated another three pages of news to keep you informed and up to date.

14 The Miles Fox Collection
David Bowers went to see Miles Fox and photograph his restored lorries and enquire about the history of his modern haulage fleet.

20 Archive Album
Look back and enjoy these wonderful 50s and 60s pictures of lorries crossing Tower Bridge, taken by the late Arthur Hustwitt - magnificent.

24 Readers’ Letters
Five packed pages handed over to you readers. As usual, they’re the best in the business - we all love ’em so keep ’em coming.

29 A 2007 Auction Review
This is part one of two, which take a look back at auctions that took place during 2007 through Peter Love’s enthusiastic eyes.

32 A day with a Foden S20
Tony Hawkridge takes us back to his days as a crewman on a Foden S20 and gives us an idea of the amount of work the Foden could handle in just one day.

38 The Valsler Story - Part 1
Len Valsler has documented his extensive working life via Roger Jenkins, which, when illustrated by wonderful archive pictures, makes this five part series by Alan Barnes compulsive reading.

44 A Salesman’s Confessions
This insight into the selling life of Peter Smith bears testament to the saying: ‘Never judge a book by its cover’.

46 On Location
Ace photographer Malcolm Ranieri has a habit of perfectly capturing rare lorries, and restored Jensons are definitely thin on the ground.

48 Life on the Hard Shoulder - Part 2
Four pages of anecdotes from retired AA patrolman Dave Thornley, proud owner of a totally authentic Austin 1000 patrolman’s van.

52 The Jevon Memoirs
Tony’s recollections this month are from 1977, when he was still a part-time coach driver taking school kids to London .

54 Dennis, a potted history - Part 1
Bill Aldridge takes a look at the history of the Dennis Company, and this one deals with post WWII lorries through until 1983 and contains some fabulous archive pictures.

62 The Missin Dennis Condor
Tony Missin believes that his Dennis Condor could be the only one in preservation - one thing is for sure, there isn’t a better one!

68 From Our Archives
Fred Emery has kindly sent us this superb sales brochure for the AEC Monarch, which we’ve made into a four-page feature - enjoy.

72 1917 Hallford
This is a fascinating story about the remarkable resurrection of Barry Weatherhead’s 1917 Hallford and its subsequent road run.

76 Fabulous Forfar freighters
A tale of two Albions owned by Lyall Norrie of Forfar - a Claymore and a Chieftain - told by our Scottish correspondent, Bob Weir.

79 ADvintage
Want to buy or sell something? Readers’ ads are FREE, so why not take advantage of ADvintage and advertise today!

84 Emerging Classics
This month’s Emerging Classic slot features Vaughan Pearce's Daf 2800DKTD - great bloke, great lorry, great read.