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Heritage Commercials - December 2007

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Editors Comment
Words and wisdom from our esteemed editor David Craggs.

6 The Wirral Wonder
This world class AEC Matador restoration was embarked on by Brian Davey for sound sentimental reasons – I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it – Ed.

13 News
Peter Love has his finger firmly on the commercial vehicle pulse, bringing you three pages of news items to both inform and entertain.

16 Union Cartage Company (UCC)
Transport historian Bill Aldridge brings us part two of this famous company’s history, viewed from a commercial vehicle perspective.

22 The Jim Clarke Gathering
Gyles Carpenter was delighted to have the chance not only to photograph the event, but also to pay his own respects to ‘Gentleman Jim’.

24 Memory Stirring Scammells
Noel Troughton didn’t let ill health get him down – he set about restoring a brace of Scammells, reports David Bowers.

30 Readers’ Letters
I’m dead impressed by this month’s letters – they’re superb and well deserving of the prizes awarded. Why don’t you have a go – who knows, you might win.

34 Jim Doig’s ‘Carnation’ Leyland
Most enthusiasts know of Scottish and Northern event organiser Jim Doig – how does he do it and what does he drive? Bob Weir tells all.

38 Hillside Haulage
Alan Barnes made the long trip to Northumberland to report on this beautiful brace of AECs restored as a reminder of Hillside Haulage.

42 On Location
Malcolm Ranieri made the Black Country Museum the backcloth to this wonderful photograph of Keith Ball’s 1949 Guy Wolf – enjoy.

44 Wheel Bashing
Manhandling wheels and tyres while second manning on heavy haulage work was more or less a daily occurrence for Tony Hawkridge in the 50s and 60s. Another great and informative piece from Tony.

48 Confessions Of A Lorry Salesman
In this month’s look into the selling life of Peter Smith, he tells of his transfer of allegiance from Ford to Guy and back to Ford again!

50 The Jevon Memoirs
Like most of us old drivers, Tony used the facilities of transport cafes during his lorry driving days. This month, ‘Dirty Dick’s’ emporium comes under scrutiny – absolutely brilliant.

52 Tower Bridge
This four page pictorial look back at the 50s and 60s through the lens of the late Arthur Hustwitt is well worth the cover price on its own. Nostalgia at its best.

58 The Major’s Morris JB Van
Gibraltar resident Major John Ritchie (retired) wanted a classic van to use in conjunction with his business on the rock – finding this particular one was a very strange coincidence.

64 The Musselwhite Family
For over 90 years the well known Wiltshire family of Musselwhite have been involved in road haulage. Bob Smith follows their progress.

70 A Rare Bedford WL
This 1939 Bedford is quite a rarity that Bob and Dave Bone have restored in the memory of their grandfather – butcher Harry Dan.

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