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Heritage Commercials - August 2007

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6 Super Sixties Seddon
2007 has been a great year for new restorations but John Norman’s rare 30-4-6LXB Seddon must surely rank among the finest, writes David Craggs.

12 News
Keeping our readers up to date with news of commercials ancient and modern - interesting and informative.

14 The AEC Society goes to Newark
Even the unbelievably bad weather on the public day of the Society’s annual junket, couldn’t dampen the spirit of the 100 plus entrants.

18 The AC Bell & Son Story
Transport historian, lorry restorer and ex Bell’s driver, Alex Hunter decided that the Bell company’s story should be told - Part 1 deals with the Scarborough company’s early years - fascinating stuff.

24 Beadles reunited
Philip Thornes organised a reunion of Beadle-bodied vehicles at the Beadles Group HQ at Dartford - here’s his report.

26 Readers’ Letters
Four more pages of great reminiscences penned by your goodselves - we love ’em, you love ’em so keep on writing ’em.

30 The Guy Motors Story
This we’re sorry to say is the final part of Robin Hanney’s splendid series of looking back at Guy Motors.

36 NZ Chara’ Diary
Gordon Taylor’s dream of emigrating to NZ and starting a new business hasn’t been all roses, but this final episode sees it all come to fruition.
40 The Jevon Memoirs
As any lorry driver will tell you - the ‘Ministry Men’ are the bane of their lives - they got Tony in this month’s offering.

42 On Location
Malcolm Ranieri has perfectly combined the classic looks of a restored 1948 Leyland Hippo and drag and the nostalgic atmosphere of a used car lot selling period cars.

44 Shamus Kelly of Borris
We hope you enjoy reading these six pages about Shamus as much as David Craggs did researching them over in Eire - enthusiasm is infectious.

50 Heavy haulage runaways
In every facet of commercial life a little rain must fall - the heavy haulage world is no exception. Tony Hawkridge recalls both amusing and sad tales from his ‘Elliott’ days, ably illustrated by Ivan Wilding.

56 From Our Archives
This month our sales brochure majors on a vehicle that was at the forefront of muckaway for the mining industry - the Foden Dump Truck.

60 Three wheels on my wagon
David Bowers takes a look at John Downes’s collection of Scammell three-wheelers and came away admiring the important part they played when bridging the gap between the horse and cart and local distribution lorries.

68 Ireland hopping
Editor Craggs and Lady Janet Craggs enjoyed every minute that they chased 80-plus commercials around both the north and south of the beautiful country of Ireland - having seen the pictures, make Ireland your next holiday destination.

70 Ford Thames ET6
The paint was hardly dry on Gregg Shadbolt’s beautiful ET6 when Alan Barnes first got the chance to see it - here is his report including restoration pics.

75 ADvintage
More and more of you are advertising in our FREE ad section, so why not join them and literally, coin it in.