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Heritage Commercials - June 2007

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6 The Lipscomb AEC
What have the following got in common: pig swill, the royal palaces, an AEC, Turner Diesel tractor, a steam engine and a Morris Minor van. Answer - they’ve all been part of Roy and Diane Lipscomb’s life.

12 News
Keeping you abreast of happenings in connection with our favourite pastime - commercials.

14 June Events Guide
What’s on, where, who to contact - it’s all in these two pages.

16 Moving agricultural machinery
Paul Fox writes about the companies from the Cambridgeshire Fens who moved agricultural machinery nationwide, backed by stunning pictures.

20 The Guy Story - part 4
Robin Hanney, acknowledged Guy historian has put together fascinating facts and amazing archive pictures dealing with the introduction of the Big J.

26 Readers’ letters
We’re proud to say that no other magazine has letters that hold a candle to yours, lads and lasses - the prizes aren’t bad either.

30 Studebaker Show-Stopper
It’s been nearly three years in the restoration, but Albert Dean’s bright red Fire Pumper is worth waiting for, and was a winner first time out.

36 Henry Franklin of Biggleswade
Andrew Simmonds follows the history behind a major Biggleswade employer and majors on the Sentinel steam wagon that he is currently restoring.

40 The Jevon Memoirs
This month’s offering from Tony is absolutely full of brilliant anecdotes, which are guaranteed to make you grin - enjoy.

42 On Location
When looking for a suitable picture for the centrefold, this Alan Barnes beauty got my vote - Ed.

44 100 years of Atkinson
Lol Fish has this month penned a truly informative feature about the Atkinson history from an enthusiast’s point of view - great reading.

51 From our Archives
Following on from Lol’s feature, commercial enthusiast Richard Granger has sent us this brochure for an Atkinson eight wheeler - thank you Richard.

56 Evolution from steam
At HC we like to bring you unusual material, and this month Stephen Pullen has done just that - what a cracking and interesting feature.

60 Kirkby Stephen Rally
Gyles Carpenter filed this great colourful photographic report on the event that kick-starts the northern circuit into gear.

62 Bodge it & scarper
This four page feature by Tony Hawkridge reminds us of the many bodges that were used back in the good ol’ days - if this doesn’t amuse you, nothing will.

66 A racing restoration
Roger Dunbar has re-created this most unlikely of car racing back-up vehicles - a Morris Commercial PV - as a tribute to Elva Racing Team.

70 ERF Chinese Six
Enthusiastic lorry driver David Dean relates the story behind not only his ERF but also how he has became enthralled with the marque over the years.

73 ADvintage
Hundreds of bargains for thousands of readers - turn your vehicles or spare parts into cash - it’s FREE to private sellers.