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Heritage Commercials - March 2007

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6 MAN That’s Some Bedford
David Bowers bring you a restoration feature about a family TK Bedford, and found a rare MAN 650 recovery lorry to boot!

12 News
Keep abreast of all things commercial with these two packed news pages.

14 Taunton 2007
Gyles Carpenter starts off the New Year as he means to go on - bringing us superb pictorial reports throughout 2007.

16 French Finds
Lorry driver, writer and all round ‘good egg’, Chris Woodcock made some great finds as he made his way across to Spain.

20 Musical Scania
This colourful Brian Howes feature dealing with Norman Smith’s Organ drawing Scania brightens even the darkest day.

24 The Finlayson Albion
The Finlayson family have owned Albions since 1918, so Bill Finlayson just had to buy this nostalgic Chieftain as a hobby.

28 Readers’ Letters
Four cracking pages of memory-jerking lorry driving exploits from the people that really know - you the readers.

32 The ‘Cover’ Story
This is our final candid look at how Geoff Gilbert established the Gilbert name from his lorry driving beginnings - Jill Gilbert’s weekend abroad in an F10 is compulsive reading.

40 NZ Chara’ Diary - Pt 4
Gordon Taylor, his wife and two teenage offsprings left Oxfordshire for NZ with a Charabanc and a Bedford OB to start a new life in NZ. This is Part four of their exploits.

42 On Location
Photographer Malcolm Ranieri captures quality restorations in a quality way - we proudly give you, the Anderson Albions.

44 The Jevon’s Memoirs
You’ve been waiting all month to read exactly what happened to Tony’s mate in the fire - well here it is.

46 From Our Archives
When Foden launched their first lorry fitted with a ‘tilt’ cab, it caused quite a stir - this brochure says it all.

50 British Waterways Ford
If this superb feature about a restored E83W Ford van doesn’t make you dream of lazy summer’s days messing about near water, I’ll eat my hat - Ed.

54 On The Road, Man & Boy
This six-page feature penned by Bob Smith deals with the Wilkins family’s 80 years in road haulage - it’s worth the cover price on its own!

62 Snapping Halfshafts & Propshafts
As you read these heavy haulage tales by Tony Hawkridge, you could almost be there with him - they’re just great.

68 My Life In Transport
Lol Fish’s memories are so vivid, and include such things as atrocious ‘digs’ to hurtling backwards downhill in his Atki!

70 Bennett’s Bedfords
The Bennett family business was built on Bedfords, be they lorries or buses. Alan Barnes tells of the family’s history as well as presenting some fantastic pictures of a restored Bedford in their livery.

75 ADvintage
More readers’ free ads and trade services - why not take advantage of this free reader offer!