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Heritage Commercials - January 2007

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6 Fenland Finds
Deep in the Fens, your Ed found three magnificent pieces of commercial history: an Austin K2, an R type Morris Commercial and a one-man motorised sack-loader, all owned by HC reader Alec Ford.

12 News
Keep abreast of all things commercial with these two packed news pages.

14 Product Reviews
If you’ve already ‘blagged’ a subscription to HC for Christmas from a family member, here are some gift ideas for the rest of them.

16 Jim Clarke Remembered
Gyles Carpenter went up to York to present a trophy on behalf of HC, and left feeling privileged to have been part of this tribute.

18 Drilling For Water
Geoff Blair derives great satisfaction in converting ex-military vehicles and operating them as drilling rigs - an in-depth look at Geoff, his vehicles and info’ about drilling for water - fascinating stuff.

24 The Jevon’s Memoirs
Because it’s Christmas time, this month’s self-illustrated piece penned by Tony, highlights a Christmas party, warts and all - it’s just like any firm’s ‘do’ you’ve ever been to - brilliant.

26 Your Letters
This month you’re getting five pages of readers’ jottings. They’re the best in the business - keep up the good work in 2007.

32 Geoff Gilbert Part 3
We’re pleased to bring you another part of the interview between Geoff and your Ed, which this month deals with the ‘fun and games’ to be had when he first ventured abroad.

38 Gas - Part 2
Historian and writer Bill Aldridge this month looks at the personnel side of the Gas industry, suitably illustrated by magnificent archive pictures.

42 On Location
Malcolm Ranieri chose railway pioneer, Timothy Hackworth’s cottage as a location to photograph Michael Bowman’s Dennis Horla outfit.

44 NZ Chara’ diary - Pt 3
Gordon Taylor’s emigrated with his family, a Charabanc and a coach to NZ - this is part three of his experiences and frustrations.

46 Rubber Winged Minor
Minor expert Russell Harvey gives us a detailed look at both the history of rubber winged variants, and the restoration of this one in particular.

52 Double Heading!
Tony Hawkridge gives us another superb glimpse into the world of heavy haulage as seen through the eyes of a crewman in the good old bad old days.

56 Goddess Comes Home
Much has been written about Green Goddess fire appliances, but this feature is in true HC tradition, in that it tells of a driver buying his old Goddess 28 years after using it in ‘anger’.

60 From Our Archives
This month’s edited sales brochure features the Volvo F86, which over a short period of time, became the fleet lorry that all others were judged by.

64 The AD Boyes Restoration
Volvo GB asked Cumbrian haulier AD Boyes, to restore their shunter to participate in Volvo’s 25-year celebrations, David Bowers brings the full story.

68 My Life In Transport - Part 2
From your reaction, you enjoyed Part 1 of Lol Fish’s memories. This month he turns his love of lorries, especially Atkinsons, into a living.

70 John Wainwright & Co Ltd
As well as some terrific photographs of Richard Rasey’s Atkinson at Wainwright’s quarry, Alan Barnes brings us the company history with truly remarkable archive ‘then & now’ quarrying pictures.