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Heritage Commercials - July 2006

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6 Tractor town
Hundreds of tractors descended on Lanark on Easter Sunday for the National Vintage Tractor Road Run.

14 More Cheffins records
With £70,000 paid for a Marshall MP6 and £66,000 for a County 1474, there’s no let-up in tractor prices yet!

18 Glowing with satisfaction
Graham Hampstead tackles starting problems on an International BTD6 crawler.

22 Nice try, Kiwis
The gallant New Zealanders failed by just 62 tractors to wrest the Guinness record for the most working tractors from the Aussies. Soon it will be Britain’s turn!

28 News

40 Classic combines
John Chapman and Robert White line up a superb combine harvester collection.

45 Letters

48 Remembering ‘The Hey’
David H Kelly looks back on haymaking in Scotland in the post-war years.

54 Full charge!
Replacing a voltage regulator on a Fordson Diesel Major proves a trickier job than planned.

56 High, wide and handsome.
That’s the verdict after Tractor samples a 1969 Massey-Ferguson 1100.

59 Tractor Marketplace
The place to buy and sell tractors and everything associated with them.

75 Rush job!
Paul Howes sets himself a stiff target as he restores a complex Massey-Ferguson 1200 in time for a local road run.

78 Reviews
80 The little red masterpiece
Jo Roberts waxes lyrical about her Massey-Ferguson 35, and meets a 13-year-old who’s restoring one of his own.

86 Alive and kicking?
Mike Teanby wonders what happened to more than 50 British-built, all-wheel-drive International 634 tractors that went to the Philippines.

90 Pretty - and practical
Dave Hemmings’ Roadless front axle version of the International 634 goes as well as it looks.

94 Scottish working horses
Although the working horse has all but disappeared from the countryside, Jock Stewart meets a handful of people who are keeping the tradition alive.

94 Still cheap, still cheerful
Jerry Thurston samples a new-look, 100hp Belarus 952.3.

97 Restoring a 1974 Belarus
Paul Howes has restored two Belarus MTZ 52 tractors from the 1970s.

102 No time to lose!
Still a tractor enthusiast at 87, former motorcycle star Bill Davies has become a legend in his lifetime.

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And never miss another issue.

108 Boat tractors in Devon
John Hobbs comes across some harbourside tractors in Devon.

110 A nice little Dexta
When Vic Wright decided to restore a Fordson Dexta, he had only a cramped little garage to do it in.

114 West Lancashire’s ‘Mr Fix-It’
Renowned for his restorations of tractors old and new, David White has earned the respect of many top collectors, writes Keith Langston.

118 Claas act!
Boyhood memories are revived as Jerry Thurston climbs on to John Chapman’s Claas Matador Standard.

123 Rare Breeds Factfile

124 A farming trip back in time
Polly Pullar meets tractor collector and farming diarist Graham Anderson.

130 Diary Dates