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Heritage Commercials - December 2004

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A look back on a busy month through the jet-lagged eyes of ‘Big Ed’.

Compo Club
What is the Compo Club and who benefits? All of us, with the wonderful photography and the brewery for obvious reasons!

News & Reviews
Events, news book & product reviews shoe-horned into two packed pages

Tanker tales
Reader Mr J Biterlick has sent in his tanker experiences and we’ve added another superb cartoon from Ivan Wilding - wonderful.

Foden’s & farming
This is a special six page feature about John Sanderson, ‘Mr Foden’, his life and his lorries.

Out & about
Acclaimed photojournalist, David Walter gives us a flavour of two of the events he covered for us during September.

Heart of Wales
Janet and David Craggs chased around Shropshire and mid-Wales in pursuit of 70 participants in this fabulous rally.

Manchester gem
David Bowers takes a long, lingering look at a 1929 Manchester lorry of Anglo-American parentage!

The Bedford Gathering
This rally not only sets out to give pleasure to its visitors, but to raise vast sums of money for charity, write Gyles Carpenter.

What’s in yer’ stockin’?
Tony Hoyland reviews and prices up your potential Corgi Christmas presents.

Holland Coachcraft
This ground-breaking bodybuilding company set the 1933 Commercial Vehicle Motor Show alight with its futuristic designs. Here’s the full story by Dermot Ryon.

Your Letters
They just get better - over to you.

D-Day landings
As the eleventh of November approaches, Roger Hamlin features the Snell family and their pilgrimage to Normandy for the 60th anniversary celebrations.

On location
Have you ever seen anything so awesome as Jeff Colledge’s wonderful ‘Dorset’ centrefold this month?

AEC Mercury
Alan Barnes always illustrates his in-depth features with superb photography, and this AEC skip lorry offering is no exception.

Morris at Leyland
The Morris Commercial Club lads and lasses made a big impression at Leyland, writes their technical ‘boffin’, Geoff Fishwick.

The White Lady
Keith Langston is the first with the story behind the history, nationwide refurbishment and what lies in the future for this famous old White Lady.

Ford 300E recovery van
Scooter riders break down just like the rest of us. Jason Chen had a dream to own the perfect recovery vehicle - he’s got one now writes Tony Hoyland.

No it’s not a spelling mistake, as WHOTT is short for the West Country Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust - John Hobbs tells the story of their AEC recovery vehicle.

If it’s a vehicle, spare part or service you’re looking to buy or sell, look no further, THIS IS IT - nine pages packed full of goodies.

Caption competition
The prizes get bigger, the captions get funnier - why don’t you have a go at this month’s competition and get one of our super prizes.