Heritage Commercials | March 2002 - photcopies only

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Heritage Commercials - March 2002 - photcopies only

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Looking forward to a great new season out on the road.

May unveiling for AEC Regent; CTP events for 2002; free buses at Lincoln Open Day; £8,000 plus for PO ‘Moggie’.

A Pick-Up
with Character
Peter Durham meets a retired ‘Ministry man’ with a gem of a Ford Thames E83W pick-up.

Happy New Year at Taunton
John Reeves reports from the Somerset Traction Engine Club’s 14th New Year’s Day Taunton Road Run.

Two pages of news from the heritage commercial scene.

God’s Wonderful Road Vehicles
The road operations of the old Great Western Railway featured vehicles of all kinds as well as some fairly diverse operations. Alan Earnshaw takes up the story, with photographs from a book on the same subject which he edited jointly with Bill Aldridge.

Bus Heyday
Blue and cream are the colours as Steve Richards reminds us of a special event at a Birmingham transport museum.

The Commer
John Cecil’s recent acquisition of a sectioned Commer two-stroke engine believed to have been displayed at the 1957 Commercial Motor Show provided all the reasons Peter Kelly and Channel 4 Salvage Squad star Jerry Thurston needed to head down the M5 to Gloucestershire.

Book Reviews
Two excellent new titles about British tram depots and public transport in London in 1952 come under review this month.

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More pages of readers’ views and comments than ever as the letters come flooding in.

Goods in Transit
Alan Earnshaw concludes his three-part feature about the ubiquitous Ford Transit.
On Location
Another two-page masterpiece from Peter Durham.

The Art of
Alan Spillett
Peter Kelly visits this modest, unassuming and eminently talented commercial vehicle artist at his home on the Cardigan coast.

Door to Door
Jeff Colledge recalls some of the travelling shops that brought a host of goods to our front doors in the pre-supermarket era.

The Dennis F-Series Fire Engines
In part three of the Dennis F-series story, ‘Firemaster’ covers the F9 to F13 models.

Export or Die
Using sales and publicity material produced in the early 1960s, Alan Earnshaw continues the story of the two Baron prototypes soon to undergo full restoration.

Bradford Beauty
A fine study by Peter Durham of a Bradford van in an appropriate setting.

Parsley Time
in the Vale...
Peter Durham travels to the Vale of Evesham to meet Bert Mills and his restored ERF.

Roadside Ramblings
Why you could always tell when one of Orwell’s silent runners was on the way!

Military Matters
Ken Rimell comes across a modeller of fine military vehicles.

Scruples of Duples
Mike Berry is in for a shock as he removes the panels from a Duple-bodied Ford coach.

King Alfred
Running Day
A New Year’s Day treat at Winchester for fans of classic and vintage buses.