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GT Porsche - November 2019

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GT Porsche
Issue 219 | November 2019

A look back at Porsche's foray into forced induction, from the 917 through to the arrival of the first water-cooled 911 to wear a Turbo badge. Beyond the eye candy of pretty Porsche cars, we've delved deep into the world of turbocharging, examining a turbocharger's component parts and functions, as well as documenting the build of a hybrid turbocharger. We've also presented an article outlining Porsche's experiments and subsequent success with boost in Formula One.
GT Porsche gets under the skin of amazing turbocharged 911s. Plus, following the release of the ground-breaking all-electric Taycan, we reveal how the history of Porsche starts with electromobility.
THE CRUISER AND THE BRUISER - With Turbo badging now being used by Porsche to decorate models free of forced induction, we take a look at two very different boosted 911s: a lightly modified 930 and a GT3 killer in the form of a 600hp 993 Turbo.
TRUE BLUE - It might look like a 1970s smasher, but this backdated 911 is two decades younger beneath its highly polished skin. Introducing the 9m11ST, Ninemeister's greatest 964 restomod to date.

JET SET - Luxurious and mechanically sophisticated, the 996 Turbo offers much more than speed. Oh, and it's very quick, too!