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GT Porsche - September 2016

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GT Porsche  |  September 2016 

We’ve brought together two giants of the Porsche world this month; the 997 GT3 RS and its latest counterpart – the 991 GT3 RS. The 997 is often cited as being the last ‘analogue’ 911, and it’s easy to see why when you directly compare it with the modern incarnation of the same car in the latest RS. On paper the two would seem to be pretty far apart in terms of performance and general ability, but as is so often the case on the road it’s a whole different story. Which would you take home?

We’ve also got behind the wheel of the 718 Cayman this month. Will it appealed to the genuine Porsche enthusiast? And elsewhere in this issue you’ll find a rare former Le Mans 924 that has recently emerged from a full restoration by Porsche GB. You can also digest what the exciting new Panamera has to offer.