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GT Porsche - February 2016

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GT Porsche  |  February 16 

For a while the 964 was largely an unloved 911, dividing opinion in much the same way that the first of the water-cooled cars, the 996, does now. Gladly, though, the model has now found its natural place in the Porsche 911 hierarchy, becoming both accepted and cherished in equal measure – today 964s are desirable once more.

That popularity has grown in part due to the model’s rather retrospective aesthetics; it’s easy to see the lineage of past 911s in the 964, and this means that they lend themselves beautifully to a practice known as ‘backdating’. It’s a contentious subject for some, but the process essentially involves dressing a car to look older than it is, and it’s the answer for those who can’t afford the accelerated prices of genuine classic 911s. Ultimately the 964 has become popular with those wishing to drive a 911 that looks old, yet in reality has the underpinnings and mechanical reliability of a more modern iteration.

This issue features a pair of such projects, one being an RSR evocation from Germany, the other a UK-built 964 backdate, and both showcase the interchangeable nature of 911 parts from across the generations. However, as the 964 grows older and more desirable, how long can this concept of rebuilding them, and others like them, remain a justifiable one? Perhaps the 964’s makeup is best left alone. The case is made for this in our head-to-head feature with another 911 that is growing in popularity, the SC, in this issue too…