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Banzai - August 2014

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Banzai  |  August 14  

Cover feature: It can be hard to get the balance right when modifying a car. Tsukiyama-san has found the perfect blend with his military-spec AE86, with a beautifully functional military-inspired exterior housing a screaming 4A-GE motor allowing him to prowl the streets of Hiroshima in style.

Additional features: Back-to-basics EG6 Civic SiR-S with a twist, a Mitsubishi Colt with an engine and running gear like you’ve never seen before, five of Static Clique’s inhumanely low cruisers in the spotlight.

Plus: Mike Newman prepares for the blind land speed record with the help of tuner Litchfield, Banzai’s definitive guide to Le Mans 24hr, coverage of Japan’s instalment of the stance-happy Wekfest show and we test Cosworth’s eagerly anticipated Stage One tuning package for the Toyobaru.