Banzai | May 2014

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Banzai - May 2014

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Banzai  |  May 14 

Cover feature: The Driftworks AE86 is finally unleashed as we’re granted access to one if its first test sessions prior to the first round of the BDC. Phil Morrison is also on hand to talk us through the mind-blowing build.

Additional features: Stunning K20-powered Gen 1 Civic on ITBs, monstrous lightweight Mitsubishi Evo drag special, beautifully reworked Shiro edition Z31 300ZX, 1100bhp K-series EG Honda Civic, RB-powered S13 200SX drifter.

Plus: Andy Barnes chats about drag racing, Time Attack, Sumo Power and that R34 in our Spotlight interview, Jap cars in action at the Dubai 24 Hours race, Round 1 of the FWD Drag Series, Jap Performance Parts company profile.