VW Golf - Five Generations of Fun

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VW Golf -
5 Generations of Fun

The full story of the Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit, with the accent on the hgh-performance models

Written by Richard Copping
Photography by Ken Cservenka

The combination of model history, coupled to hot hatch performance, all comprehensively illustrated through major photo shoots and detail pictures, make this the complete guide to the first five generations Golf, including the classic GTIs. With all models, including Golf spin-offs, assessed, enthusiast-driving opinions shared and marketing policy discussed, this book is a unique Golfology!

About the author:
Richard Copping has been a follower of the Volkswagen marque since acquiring his first car, a Beetle, in 1977. Although still an ardent fan of VW s air-cooled heritage, in recent years he has succumbed like so many to the charms of Europe s best selling hatch, adding the Golf to the portfolio of vehicles he writes about. His student days spent learning the craft of the historian, has ensured a lively, authoritative style to his work and genuine empathy with the spirit of the age he is writing about.

Bibliographic information:
Title VW Golf: Five Generations of Fun
Author Richard Copping
Publisher Veloce Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1845845145, 9781845845148
Length 176 pages

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